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Soul Development Readings

These are highly specialised pockets of information to help you
overcome what the weeks and months ahead will bring.

Powerful | Life changing | Unique and insightful!

Unrivalled within their field and already labelled a phenomena, these books are taking the country by storm and are as much for the developed mind as for anyone just starting out. Refreshingly blunt and uplifting Stephanie’s talking interactive books are specifically commissioned by Spirit to help us wake up and make life work here and now. Work, talk and interact directly with your own guardian” in a way that’s completely in tune with your own life!

AND SO IT BEGINS… and LIFE IS CALLING… are part of a personal life programme” especially co-written with Spirit to continue and jump start the real time soul journey you’re on now” like a personal growth / self realization / spirit help line. How can we possibly live life to the full if we only know half of the story” if we don’t see the full and complete picture? We’re all part of life’s own continuing, unfolding drama, a single part” in an unfurling, unending greater whole. What we do, what we think, how we connect and what we say are more important than we presently know|(Threaded throughout these written works are words straight to you from the God Mind / (I am I). Each work presents a three way link between yourself, your Guardian and God.)

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What People Say

Stephanie J King is one of those rare people who seems to have a clear and continuous direct line to spirit. She works at a very high healing vibration and even in the time I have been involved with her much of my own baggage has simply fallen away. Divine Guidance will help you deepen your connection ...

Rachel ElnaughEntrepreneur and star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, now a Business Mentor and Transformational Coach

How can I explain the work of Stephanie J. King – except brilliant! Everything she does – she does with Spirit. Every word she speaks – is channelled too. For many years she had dedicated her life to unlocking the potential of others, young and old, rich or poor...

Jacky Newcombmulti-award winning, Sunday Times best selling author’ of An Angel by my Side

Stephanie’s Access your pleasure zone on-line course has gently directed me inward to ask some deep core questions, to get to the root of why I react to situations and people the way do. It has also highlighted for me how my childhood experiences have influenced my life so far ...

Ann Marie

Divine Guidance… How truth can help you – I know well myself. Free of illusion and Ego – this book is a true inspiration that will heighten your awareness and purpose to what is most needed – to inspire and help you move forward.

Deepak Chopra

Every relationship I’ve ever been in has been difficult to sustain until now. Since using ‘Life is Calling!’ and ‘And So It Begins!’ on a daily basis, not only have the results been incredible and easy, but I finally understand many simple things that were occurring from a different angle ...

John aged 43Stockport

Hi Stephanie. I just wanted to say thank you for producing your development package. I’ve never used anything like it and can’t begin to say how it has changed my life. (My friends use it too). I feel so much lighter and happier and this is reflected in every aspect of who I am ...

Tracey aged 27Northampton

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