No one person is any different or has more importance than another. We all have purpose and a higher soul agenda continually playing out in real life. We all have hopes and dreams, highs and lows, weaknesses, talents and strengths – whether active or latent, so undiscovered.

Life can never switch off. It can’t remain the same or be uniform for everyone” all the time. No matter how well we might behave, or how high we might climb up life’s ladder, there will always be room for improvement. Trouble and worry will always turn up for that’s the nature of present times and of life, it’s nothing personal. But the trick to success is how we choose to move through it, how we momentarily respond and react.

It’s my mission to help others as I too have been helped – by those who work with me from the highest realms possible, that I affectionately refer to as ‘upstairs'” or in the case of (I am I)” ‘The Boss’.

Years of hard work, of information downloaded, is now being shared practically to help us wake up – to get us happy, healthy, creative, more intuitive, understanding, compassionate, loving, successful; stress, worry, care free – and ‘quite literally on it’ – from the higher view point of ‘soul’, of life’s own ‘bigger world picture’ now playing out through every single one of us daily.
Don’t give up on the best” before it’s had a chance to mature” for your time to shine is right now|

This is not about religion, but everything about your real self, your soul, your live connection to life and your long term evolutionary development – your interactive communication and integration with greater life.

All of my work has been channelled and written completely by hand. The help and wisdom we bring forward is exactly in tune with your ‘now’ – regardless of what you are facing, who you are and where you might be on your own journey’s path, that is the promise of ‘I Am I’ (of God, Source, the Universe) to you.

Do you really understand how powerful you are, how important, how special and how loved? Neither did I – until suddenly I did” the day I was first woken up|And many, many others have too!

Whatever baggage or karma we don’t clear within this life, we take forward once again as unfinished” back into the higher realms that we’ve earned, so therefore gravitate to, (heavenly/hereafter/spiritual planes)” as future work for soul development/progression (karma) for further life times and incarnations to carry through… And with all this in mind – would you really want to repeat this phase again?

You will have heard of ascension I’m sure. This is where the fabric of our souls becomes finer and lighter as we tune in more and more to higher levels of creativity, understanding and being; to work with ascended masters, heightened energies, support and knowledge that’s available” to service, to help and aid all, as we gain realization and enlightenment. But what you may not know however is that the lower realms of heaven, usually not accessible until beyond this physical life, have descended to meet us – to blend, overlap and link with us – for the present time at least” to birth in a new matrix coming through…

We can begin cleansing ‘soul work’ here and now, that previously we only could not have accessed until after our death, giving us ample opportunity to free ourselves of clutter accumulated from birth and incarnations before” to sweep our path clear and make a difference|to tie up loose ends, to mend and fix relationships, to comprehend the repercussions of much that we’ve sown and have responsibility for, to make our contribution to society better, to make better choices, to take less clutter back to spirit, to fine tune and live a life that we’ll be proud to say we’ve owned!to be able to tick our boxes and then move forward.

What we have within the pages of our books is the direct guidance, love, wisdom, insight, acknowledgement and support that you’ll need to help ‘you’ with this live process unfolding” linking directly with higher levels ‘upstairs’.