Distant Healing

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Distant healing works on a soul to soul – energy level. No special beliefs or requirements are necessary for it to filter through and begin to work. No healer needs to be physically present.

Please add the name of each recipient, their location town/city, country of residence and predominant ailment.

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Entries for Distant Healing List

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Name Country
Deepa Sathyan India
winona Bonner United States
Deepa Sathyan India
Bryan 40 Sunbury Estates United States
Duru Massand Usa
Ronica Dasani Usa
Mohinder Kaur Usa
Christine K. Austria
Veneeshya Ekanayake Sri Lanka
Ambigavathy Subramani south africa
Deepa Sathyan India
John King United Kingdom
Téa Martinez USA
Saira Khan United Kingdom
Charrise Shumaker United States
John Gordon  
Zachariah Willis United States
Donna Marie USA
John King United Kingdom
martin smith cyprus
Jeanette Engen Norge
Dardan Bobi Denmark
John King United Kingdom
Debi Miller United States
Melanie Hinchliffe Uk
susan bromley england
Michael Hadfield UK
Mathabo Chawinga South Africa
adrian hayoz  
Hemanta Ratha India
Lalita chhimwal Switzerland
Patrick St.Amant Canada
Margaret da Luz Cabral South Africa
fatima Meneses da luz South Africa
David Jones UK
Sumit Musale Canada
Kimmy Bansal United Kingdom
Edward Sulo Philippines
Bahrin Azahari Brunei
Displaying 1 - 40 of 146 1 2 3 4


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