Rosemary Douglas MBS Events, Nantwich

Rosemary Douglas MBS Events, Nantwich Date
7 March 2020 to 8 March 2020

Nantwich Civic Hall


Rosemary Douglas Nantwich Mind Body Spirit Event, is an excellent two-day MBS event, bringing to you the best in many aspects of mind-body and spirit, starting with laughter yoga in the performance area this is a brilliant way to start your day & attaining an immune boost, and so uplifting, so join us in sharing this positivity. This event endeavours to raise your spirits & lift your heart. Designed to fully mesh with this genre, a great vibration, cultivated over a period of years bringing together like-minded people where you can feel at one, be at one, and just be imbued by the natural healing elements. 50 + Exhibitors 30+ Talks and Workshops and don’t forget to join Stephanie on Sunday 10:15 for Opening Meditation’.

Further information

Nantwich Civic Hall
Beam Street

10am-5pm (workshops finish 6pm)

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Stephanie J King
Written by Stephanie J King

Working as a gifted spiritual and reiki healer, counsellor, life coach, author and healing medium, Stephanie J King channels insights, truths, inspiration and advice directly from the highest spiritual realms and from God (I am I). Stephanie teaches and sells her books nationwide in health / healing / therapeutic workshops and at major Mind Body Soul/Spirit exhibitions and events across the country. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter and Google +

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