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Q1. Where you are in your spiritual journey, i.e. affirmations, visualizations etc!

A1. I teach that it’s a myth ‘that we can’t shape’ our destiny or ‘that life itself operates against us’.
We each are incredibly powerful beings that work with the very fabric of creation itself, for the whole of the time that we spend here. Abundance, health, love and success can be ours as easily as we allow ourselves to be part of their flow. Nothing is beyond our ability to achieve and express, so the choice of our journeys outcome rests entirely with us!

My own journey began with a simple word ‘karma’ that came into my head. I didn’t know it existed” much less what it was. I also wanted to be a good mother. I could see things appearing in my children that mirrored me that I knew had no right to be there” given that their upbringing was so different to my own. I guessed it was something I was doing|

I was also learning to give healing. If we could all do it” then I wanted to be good, to make a real and long lasting difference that would help many people. I understood that we are each part of God, part of the Universe, of Earth planet and life itself, and that this pure conscious force was looking to us to give life its true meaning” to know what it was and it’s reason for being. We program and label conscious life to know itself!

That’s how my own work first begun. From the time that this choice was made” insights were flooding through, things that I knew needed to be shared for the greater good of us all” things that were too big to keep to myself for my use alone!.

I began to write everything down. Then late one night” in the middle of the night actually, while everyone was asleep, I had an urge to do just that. I crept down the stairs and sat on the hall floor to scribble what I needed to remember. My writing changed. My shoulder ached. I was writing fast, and when I wanted to read or correct what was coming through, the writing again became my own. I knew I had to relax and let go, even though I had no knowledge of anything like this before. The words said that we are in THE GARDEN OF EDEN. That this is it|That we had never been kicked out|The words were signed” and the pressure and pain went, but I was left with a feeling of pure unconditional love. A huge golden orb hung in the air” a few feet in diameter. It stayed for what felt to be ages, and whether my eyes were open or shut” I could see it clearly. Then it was gone.

It’s funny but the mind can be terribly convincing, along with other people, that what you thought happened was indeed an illusion” but this was definitely not the case. No matter what anyone would say in the future” I knew this experience to be real. It was my absolute proof” my own rubber stamp, and I knew that no matter what I was to go on with my journey.
Pretty powerful stuff!!

Q2. Negativity, anger, forgiveness, and challenges in your life!

A2. We can all look back and blame others for where we are” for what is or has happened in the past. But when we’re at those pearly gates” and they’re for real (metaphorically) and not pretend, we’ll be standing alone, transparent for all to see and completely responsible for what we’ve sown. The mistakes of the past are not our excuses, they’re our life triggers to achieve something better, like flags if you wish, that pop up to highlight that something needs more attention. No one is perfect” or we would not be here, for life is birth, death and decay” rebirth, death and decay” and so it continues unending!

Everything that we now hold near and dear is changing, but life is not supposed to bring us down and be the struggle that we’ve all made it. Instead it’s a gift, it’s a gift that we all birthed to share in and own!

Time right now is pivotal. Humanity is the key. We can take it into the deepest realms of destruction” or we can bring it back from the brink into balance and peace|The choice is ours, collectively as well as individually. That’s why I wrote my books” as a personal support system, for no matter whom you are” or where your life is presently at. They connect individually on a soul to soul level to deliver instant Guidance to help you cope and give direct assistance every time that you need it” unconditionally” without ties or being invasive.

We’re already helping hundreds of thousands of people turn everything around to get happy, healthy, more loving and again in charge of their story. I personally lost my husband just a short while ago, my life even before then – has been to places that ordinarily would have broken me down” but I’m still standing strong. I don’t honestly know where I would be or how I would have coped without the truths of my link with upstairs|It’s my strength as they show me the way forward. Everything I have written I have personally lived” and it’s this that I now share with others as they use this channelled material to untie the knots in their own life unfolding each day!

Q3. Goals and passions?

A3. Today we released a new downloadable e-book for Teens. For only £1.99 they can download it onto smart phones or tablets. Our teens are the next generation up and coming, who will take the world forward from where we leave off” and their influence, will also affect us|It is they who’ll make decisions that will affect us in old age” so it’s important that they really understand how powerful and important they are in the scheme of this life” and that this ground work of understanding is laid as best as possible” over and beyond normal schooling!

Teens fall into a strange gap. They’re too young to be old” even though we expect it – but at the same time they’re too old to be cute and young|

We only see or know a little of what’s actually going on in their life” the little bit that they doctor before they share it|They talk to others of the same age and trust them” long before they share and speak with us adults|And the window of communication to be able to reach them when they need assistance closes as quickly as it appears. Once you’ve missed it” they can’t or won’t hear what you’re saying” hearing seems to be selective lol|

So this new book BELIEVE & ACHIEVE” The Answers you need for Teen Success” will help them process what occurs on a daily basis, and be empowered to take in what they need to move forward – in the way best for them at that time| You’ll also visibly see them unfold, de-stress and become more communicative and understanding|And that’s always good!

I lost a nephew at the same time as the Bridgend tragedies occurred, so all of that was my inspiration for this project” and even today the main news highlights incidents pretty much the same|so this is another avenue or support system to help!

Q4. Anything else??

A4. Only to say that life is not getting worse” no matter what you might think|It’s simply rebalancing and we too are part of this process rejigging and playing out… We get to re-choose things that usually once chosen were unmoveable for the duration of life.

You’ve heard of ascension I’m sure. Well now we’re all doing work that previously we would only have accessed after death. We’re getting to choose and review what we’ll leave behind as our mark upon life in our wake!

NOW is the time that we each can make a visible, permanent, difference to ourselves, to life and to society… We can tidy loose ends, use our voice and ability to fine tune, alter or fix what needs attention or highlight what we feel strongly about” so as not to leave it behind for our children to clear up” when we ourselves couldn’t or wouldn’t. We’re living more conscientiously than ever before” and that’s good!

Everyone alive has a purpose, a soul reason for being born in this time frame. Collectively we’re raising the energy frequency of the planet” we’re creating a new matrix, and individually we’re contributing our talents!

This really is the most exciting time to be alive. Anything could happen at any time” and it does doesn’t it!