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How to Balance Life

Knowing how to create and keep balance in life is not something we learn at home or school automatically. Some will find it a difficult thing to achieve throughout their whole life, but balance is an extremely important topic if we are to learn how to be healthy and know how to be successful during endeavours and encounters endured.

We need to understand exactly how to lead a healthy balanced life in every applicable aspect concerning love, work, family, finance and home” physically and energetically, for nothing in this life is separate, all levels co-exist and interact in ways that we seldom realise.

Balance” according to the dictionary means” an even distribution of weight or amount; a steady position; the balance of power; a condition in which no country or group is much stronger than another; the balance of one’s mind, one’s sanity; the difference between credits and debits; to consider by comparing; to balance one argument against another; to be or put or keep (a thing) in a state of balance; to have things equal; taking everything into equal consideration!

To Nature, balance simply means the ability to keep all aspects of life itself in correct working order for the wellbeing of the planet, greater universal life and of course evolution and consciousness as a whole.

It’s a state in which two opposing forces or factors are of equal strength or importance, so that they effectively support or cancel each other out to maintain stability; a state in which various parts form a satisfying and harmonious whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense or wellbeing of the rest” hence all aspects of human, animal, plant, mineral, fungi and bacterial kingdoms should remain perfectly in balance and in sync” for optimum efficiency, stability and health..

In needing to understand how to find balance in life, scholars and doctorates of divine/higher knowledge have agreed that all existing phenomena may be categorised into grades or kingdoms, progressively classified as mineral, vegetable, animal and human; each of which possesses its own degree of function and intelligence.

When we consider the mineral, we know through first hand application that each different type possesses its own consistent, unique, uninterrupted signatory vibration, life force and power. The vegetable possesses the qualities of the mineral kingdom plus the virtue or power of growth, so it’s therefore accepted that the vegetable kingdom is superior to the mineral. The animal kingdom in turn possesses qualities of the mineral and vegetable plus the five senses of perception, where kingdoms below it are lacking” as so too is the power of memory. All planetary systems must remain balanced and in sync but all must work together to formulate the wellbeing of the whole bio sphere – commonly called Earth.

At this moment in time in the scientific world there are more than four kingdoms representing the phenomenal world. If it’s assumed that the laws of the mineral world apply to all phenomena not living or biological, then there are still five more kingdoms within the world of biology and microbiology. For example, protozoan life is not classified as an animal or plant because of being only a single celled organism. Likewise all fungi and bacterial have their own classifications separate from that of the plant, animal and human kingdoms.

Humans are here again classified separately because of their ability to exclusively have free will and a higher conscious integrating intelligence capable of overcoming original birth programming, limitations and understanding, creating the ability to evolve far further/higher than any other living specie upon Earth.

For Humanity, knowing how to live a balanced life affects not only ourselves individually, but everyone we interact with along our journey” whether right now or in the future.

All we do independently – whether consciously, subconsciously, automatically or deliberately, adds to, subtracts from or overwrites the greater programming of behaviours and real time daily systems, live structures and scripts playing out. We actively compound or dilute what’s taking place in reality through what we think, believe or do, which in turn equates to us helping or hindering life on personal or greater scales” simply from what occurs within our own time line unfolding each day. Yet we rarely consider connections between tasks we are doing and thoughts we are thinking whilst doing them” affecting what’s going on all around…

Understanding how to balance your life must begin from within. Even now, close your eyes and in your mind see an old fashioned set of pannier scales standing (or hanging or floating) in front of you. Are both sides equal? If not” then adjust the weights visible until they are…

Worry, stress and the mirage of ailments and conditions that surround words or emotions such as these clearly indicate that you need more balance in life.

The channelled material we have here on this site will help you quickly and effortlessly find what you need from the very first time that you use them” regardless of where you are and what is uppermost presenting in your time line.

Living a very fast pace of life in the 21st century” we understand the need for balance: Financial balance: Dietary balance. The importance of exercise, play and hard work: But do we consider or understand the importance of balancing the ‘food that we feed mind?’ We program our life with thoughts, wants, needs and beliefs through all that we freely give focus and attention to; yet all day, every day, we are bombarded with information and influence, most of which is completely irrelevant or unnecessary to our daily affairs, efforts and life focus. Even when resting we’re still highly switched on with smart technology, looking things up, catching up, or whiling away free time on games that we think ‘relax’ us – having almost forgotten the importance of quiet time and quiet space to let go. How long has it been since you sat with yourself and spent even 5 minutes alone with you, just happy to be thinking or doing nothing?

How to Balance My Life: Do You Know?

There’s no need to make rash changes, choices or decisions to make life work better for you and to re-balance your personal reality. Where you are right now and how things look” is exactly how they should be. It’s just your attachment to these things and more that requires a little tweaking” that’s all!

Every single day is a new day. It’s a new chance to re-create and to re-draw. Each day has its own vibe, its own agenda, requirements and pressures, and how you approach or overcome what comes up momentarily – means everything!

Begin to focus on your ‘now’. Come back to the basics. Take all that occurs just one step at a time and let life and the information we’ve downloaded help you do the rest… It really is as simple as that.

How to balance life more successfully is as natural as breathing and blinking and you’ll find that it can be the same for you too” when you know how!

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If you have enjoyed the things you’ve just read and you’ve resonated inside on other levels” then our ‘easy to use’ channelled books and meditations (produced in much the same way as Einstein’s and Mozart life changing works) will work brilliantly to help you find and retain better balance. You know exactly how you feel and what you need most to come in; you know what’s happening within your life at every stage – and it’s from this point right here that support will be instantly given to help you move forward immediately with ease; to get life working better for and with you – completely in tune with what’s needed” whomever, wherever you are!

If you continue to live life in the way you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better; for you to regain the balance, health, wealth and happiness desired, you must understand better how you hold yourself back; how others push your buttons – pull your strings; how you too program life as you do.

Now – How you choose to move forward from here” rests with you!


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