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How to Be a Better Parent

Who teaches us how to be a parent” or to be even more precise how to become a good parent? It’s the most important profession in the world and often we do it blindly and alone. For every profession on the planet training and support are a must, yet the children we bear, love, nurture and cherish must live with the consequences of the best and the worst of our efforts for a life time. Is this enough?

The stakes that we work with here are high and the effect of the outcome of their upbringing follows us into old age. If we don’t do this job well then any shortfalls in technique will continue further along more generations. Are we ourselves not examples of this fact? Aren’t we too still off loading and working through past baggage handed down wilfully or not from parents, grandparents and ancestry before?

How to parent your child relies on a lot more than just instinct. The news headlines clearly depict what can happen when parenting goes horribly wrong. But even in normal society this role can be demanding to say the least, especially with increasing conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Bipolar syndrome and more besides becoming ever more prevalent within society as time unfolds and we progress!

So, who teaches us how to be better parents? And who taught our parents and grandparents? We only know what we ourselves have experienced first-hand, what we’ve seen, heard or witnessed to those around!

There are many different levels of intellect and intelligence. Each family has its own unique set of acceptability’s, boundaries and rules. Each one fits within the programming of its own circles because each measures itself by those around for acceptance and compatibility. Yet if we were doing such a great job, why are we all carrying so much weight? Why aren’t we happier, inspired, stress free and confident? Why don’t we believe more in our efforts? Why are drink, drugs and bingeing so widespread, to release us from the pressures that we feel? Why are we ourselves still battling through the baggage generations before us have left? Why is life at this moment so unbalanced? Why do teens hurt themselves or feel an early need to become pregnant? Why is the world so deeply focused on looks?

Anyone can be a parent. There are no rules or guidelines to follow, and nor should there be, but who lives with the result of our efforts? Will you? The children we bear and bring up are the next generation who will carry life forward in every way. It’s they who will make life’s next important decisions” and that includes things that affect us in old age|Do you feel adequately prepared to empower them to fulfil this role? Are you confident they can actually do it?

Knowing how to be good parents is more than just sheltering, clothing and feeding our child. These things are just things we should do as part of how to be responsible parents until the point they have grown into adults!. But who supports you or helps you understand the many challenges, differences and problems that occur? Who helps you understand how to parent a teenager when hormones and demands are raging high, when behaviours and attitudes run perpendicular to your own? Who helps you when your own life is proving difficult to handle and you have to balance the many hats that you wear? Who helps you through the numerous stages that present along the challenges of how to be a better parent as you walk your own journey in the first place?

What works for one family and child might be totally the opposite of what needs to be in place to work for you; and not only that, did you know that each soul is independent and unique? That each one is on a journey of their own higher self-development, a journey quite different to those around (even within the same family), and that each came to birth to fulfil its own unique and unfolding real time live agenda, through the process of living and growing within the structure of its particular family unit?

Did you know you were especially chosen to be their parent; that you knew one another long before birth and that you contracted to share this time frame together, to walk the same route, to love, uphold, support and to grow through thick and thin” as well as to work through old karma and baggage perhaps accumulated across many lifetimes – or that your children perhaps came to help you?

More occurs on levels unseen than you could ever begin to imagine. You really are quite remarkable. As a parent you wear a unique badge. You have claimed responsibility for the birth and upbringing of a vibrant new life force on Earth.

There is more to knowing how to be a parent than you know ordinarily because a lot more is playing out simultaneously, including karmic influences, soul contracts, cause and effect and the higher universal laws of attraction through results of free choice and free will!.

Wanting to know how to be a better parent is a choice you freely made for yourself despite what you’ve witnessed and been through!

Your own soul is stirring. It’s now waking up. You have a real chance to make a difference” to turn life around and to contribute back something wonderful that you yourself have achieved through work, effort and an unpaid and often un-thanked labour of love!

What greater gift can be handed back to the planet than the balanced independence of a new life that in turn will go forward in the right way – to help make a difference to the world playing out?

And So It Begins!

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If you have enjoyed what here you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then ‘AND SO IT BEGINS!’ (produced in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart channelled life changing works), will easily take you forward to work completely in tune with where you’re at.

You know all thoughts you are currently thinking, what you feel and most need to come in. You know what is happening within immediate circles and it’s from this point that help and guidance can be given to spur you on, to get your life and life skills back on track. Being a parent is not always easy, especially when perhaps you didn’t have the best of upbringing yourself; if parenting skills of role models in your own youth were not present or decidedly lacking” for don’t we usually learn most from experiences we’ve lived first-hand ourselves?

If you continually walk the same pathways you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For life to get better, for you get back into the flow, to find fulfilment, happiness, love, health, wellbeing and skills that you presently need, you must too understand how you hold yourself back, how you subconsciously attract and deflect things.

How you move forward from this point now rests with you!


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