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How to Be Creative

You are the product of creation at its best.

What you are today, how far you have travelled and all you’ve achieved until this moment” you created yourself at every step” right from scratch.

Yet how would you ‘come to be’ without creation being present in the first place? And how too would life? Life is creation itself, but in fluid motion” active and continuously unfolding… You can’t find creativity” it just naturally flows through you. You can’t bottle or package it up. Inspiration activates all by itself. The harder you reach out to find it, the more you’ll successfully push it away” until you feel blocked. Creativity is fluid. It doesn’t adhere to guidelines, expectation or rules|It simply flows. Its either present” or it is not!

How to Create Something Specific

Everything you see and use and much more that you take daily for granted, first began as a manifestation within someone’s mind. It was an energy surge that consciously sparked as their idea, an idea that began to take form through continuous conscious attention. Attention helped it to grow physically into physical mass, and in this way it took shape and form!

Yet who can tell what first sparked it off? Most things require a trigger, a light bulb flash of inspiration to help them ignite…

(I am I)  Even the birth of the Universe first began as a simple spark” a spark of inspiration that first ignited from within dormant Mind as it sat in the darkness of void and wondered silently —- ‘What Am I’ — (I am I).

Every soul alive has its own unique ability, but not all souls realise this fact. What is yours? How can you know it? How will you use it? Is your natural talent lying dormant unknown and untapped?

How to Harness Creativity

Do you enjoy your everyday work? Do you enjoy your free time and life? What would you change or enhance if you could re-start your world over from scratch? How would you bring this about? What sparks your interest? What are you passionate about? You have a mind and a voice and a body that follow your will and directive. What systems would you put into place that could work much better?

What activities did you most like to do when you were young? How did you spend your free time? Who were your hero’s and why? What made them stand out as special to you and to others? If you took a look deep inside” don’t you already possess the same things? Weren’t they your mirror?

What inspires you at times that you need inspiration? Where do you look? How do you connect to it? How does it feel when it actually comes in and you grasp it?

You are connected to life” and life connects back with you endlessly. Creative energy flows through you like water” you only need ask” for it to appear|Every living soul has a talent, a life and a purpose at their disposal, not just for enjoyment but for contribution to life as a whole at the same time. Every thought has potential. You direct where it goes. You give real time live meaning to real life in progress. It’s you and others like you who’ll take us forward. You choose what you want to do with a whole life time spent physically on this planet.

You Choose

You can take your whole life and just dwindle time away” if that’s your choice; eating, sleeping, working, playing and worrying” like so many others who are still fast asleep at this time; or you can begin to awaken and live, really live!.

(I am I)  Free will and movement, freedom of speech and free choice” are free gifts that are available for all.

The time segment that you spend upon Earth, living here physically on this incredible planet” is short. Once you begin to awaken, one hundred years or more would not be enough to experience and express and give back what you want to birth through. Life is your friend” not your foe. Life supports you” it does not mean to harm. I am on ‘no-ones’ side in particular” for I am here for one and all” without exception. Who can measure the value of any one life? Who can tell what it came to achieve and contribute before the thing in question comes to birth? And what would you hold any one life against to work out its property and value?

Every life is equal because all are inter-connected. Good and bad don’t exist, only positive and negative; peace and love or war and hate. You decide through your very actions which one you support and enhance. I am the light – You are the light” And all light is energy. Will you keep your soul energy bright through creativity, right thinking and love” or will you allow self or others to dim it?

There is no rule book to follow. No rules of engagement of how you should live your life – exists. You are simply required to love!   (I am I)

In a world full of noise, art, inspiration and wonder, how you’ll harness the ‘creative’ potential that flows to, through and from you” is completely your free will and choice.

What will you choose do with the ‘creative energy’ that constitutes your life?

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then the books and material we’ve channelled/downloaded, in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart produced life changing works), will work directly in tune with you now. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know what is happening within your own circle of life even now” and it’s from this point immediately that guidance will be given with ease, to take you forward, to get your life working better and you working with it, completely  in tune with your needs.

If you continue along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to take control, create, express and enjoy life again you need to also understand how you hold yourself back, how you program life lived as you do. How you will move forward from here” rests with you!


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