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How to Be Inspired

Inspire” knowing how to stimulate, how be stimulated, how to create, how to express” how to communicate ideas” how to fill with or instil a certain feeling to be enabled to invent or create divine guidance” how to interpret divine guidance!

Inspiration” how to encapsulate a sudden brilliant idea” how to recognise brilliant ideas” how to harvest brilliance” how to manifest inspiration!

If we were purely physical beings, all ideas and inspiration would have come forth from physical visions and stimulation alone, with copy catting posing the largest trigger of the spring board of new ideas and inventions birthing through, and we do see a huge active market in this occurrence even now. As it happens, this can still be the first step in a journey of achievement for many, but the light bulb moments that we all wish to attain come from even higher levels of enlightenment.

The greatest inventors, composers, physicians, physicists, master minds and thought leaders of all time were guided by external forces, completely unseen and undetectable by others who were like minded in their field within this normal visual physical realm. Many were tunnel visioned and labelled eccentric by fellow piers; many were far ahead of any other rival within the same period, even by our technological standards of today.

But what did they all have in common?

They all had a thirst burning so deep within themselves that they ate, breathed and slept their wondrous work, being totally eaten up, devoured by the spirit of what they were creatively birthing, being unable to think or talk of anything else. Many were quite reclusive, their passions and desires all consuming. They all knew how to be inspired.

Today we stand in their honour as we recognise their effort and contributions to fellow man!

But how does that link in with today? How can anyone learn how to become inspired” how to be an inventor” how to create a masterpiece in easy steps” how to become a thought leader” how to be an asset to society” how to help humanity” how to achieve the best in your chosen field of contribution” how to excel|But how do we get the best out of life” how do we get the best out of ourselves?

How to Get The Best Out Of Yourself

(I am I) The greatest inspiration you will ever find is in nature itself and its ability to overcome, to surpass and evolve beyond all reasonable hope and all acts of devastation caused by self or Humanity.

Creativity flows at the core of your very existence. Every aspect of who you are is miraculous within its own right” right down to the self-servicing characteristics of every atom, cell and working system you possess.

Your mind has a never ending supply of inspiration; a capacity to create new ideas and the knowledge to follow them through. But don’t be deluded that all good ideas stem from you. Creation flows to and through you unending” for it never sleeps. More exists on levels unseen, cajoling and guiding you on then you realise, but once you do, once you accept and acknowledge this fact, you’ll allow the floodgates of inspiration to open up wide” and you’ll be amazed at just what will flow through.

The old ways of thinking and being are failing and falling away. The usefulness of everything is being challenged. New hybrid versions of almost all old Newtonian ideas are forming. These will be kinder to the planet and to humanity as a whole, taking into consideration the wellbeing and sustainability of life, ourselves and of the planet itself. (I am I)

Yet what is mind? Where is it? Where is the well-pool of ideas you desire – kept? How to connect with inspiration stems from a better understanding of the miraculous and invisible, how to understand the impossible, how to think openly, how to know yourself beyond just the visible!

Knowing how to be inspired comes from the ability to step away from preconditioning and preconception. It stems from a point of peace and balance, from tapping into a blank open space called the void. It’s an in-between state that exists beyond our normal conscious and subconscious awareness” that’s not drug or alcohol induced. It’s the birth place of thought just before thought comes to be|(And So It Begins|and Life Is Calling|will help you understand this whole process a lot better).

We all have the ability to get there, we all have the gift to excel, but usually our minds are too busy running around willy-nilly” and we unaware of its follies, loyally follow wherever it leads” without thought or question!

How to become inspired stems from your ability to successfully harness thought content and bring it back into check. You are the master of all your creations, whether subconsciously by habit” or by deliberate choice, action and intent. You will turn much into gold as you learn how to tap into the creative juices of life and creation.

A thin unseen veil exists between yourself, inspiration and the masterpieces you have yet to find and birth through” the rest of how you will do this falls directly to you!

Inspiration is your gift of birth-right. Everyone has it” but not all choose to use it, for things such as disbelief, fear and uncertainty clog up the channel of flow coming through. Again knowing how to keep this channel bright and clear fall to you.

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we’ve channelled/downloaded (in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart produced life changing works), will work directly in tune with you now. You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. On higher levels your own soul is stirring” you feel the disconnection, uncertainty and unrest with what once served to fulfil|You know how you feel and this moment and what you most need to occur. You know what’s happening within your larger circle of life” and it’s from this point here that guidance and help can be given to take you forward with ease, to get your whole life back on track, working better and you working with it, completely in tune with your needs.

If you continue along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to get healthy and happy, you need to understand how you hold yourself back, how you program this life as you do.

How you move forward from here rests with you!


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