How To Empower Yourself

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Who are you? Why are you here living life? What do you want? What is expected? Why are you and your life as they are? What do you want from the future? What do you need from today? What is your life focus and destiny? What would you alter if you could change anything at all? How do you relate to your story?

The life you’ve lived so far is not all you are destined to be. You are unique. You are powerful. You are intelligent, creative, resourceful and totally individual. Don’t sell yourself short of your talents.

You have most probably been taught to be upright and strong; that big boys don’t cry or show emotion; that you must BE a man and build a life for yourself despite hell and high water coursing in” to sustain a good existence for your family and social standing. You’ve been told that you alone are responsible for your own families fate. That everything you are and can be falls to you. You’ve learned these lessons well and you carry the weight of all this and more on your shoulders!

If someone were to tell you that there’s something really large; really important; really powerful that you’ve been missing” you’d probably laugh! You pride yourself on your attention to detail. Very little escapes you” as you prove with your house, your car, job and standing, you are on top of your game and can claim your rewards for hard struggle.

But with your hand on your heart” are you happy? Do you feel appreciated and understood for your efforts? Do your family uphold and respect what you’ve been through, the hard work, the worry, strain, toil and commitment you’ve put in? Do you feel blessed by abundance” or more used like a bottomless pit?

Are your relationships as you dreamed they would be in your head or in youth? Has life worked out the way you had planned? Do you feel complete, in control, understood, whole and fulfilled” or does there seem to be a hole” that no matter what you do, be, try or change you can’t fill?

All these and more are classic symptoms of the need for self-empowerment, transformation and soul growth. You’ve reached a ceiling, the end of where you are. Having ticked all your boxes – a new lease of living and being waits patiently for you to notice and let it in; and on subject we can most definitely help you!


To be a woman of today is very different than it was in times past. No longer are you simply cooks, cleaners, maids and workers” bound within social conduct and conditioning. No longer are you overlooked or downtrodden” or tied wholly to family and home.

You know exactly what you’ve been through to get to where you are. You know your hopes, dreams, goals and struggles” but you might not yet know your full array of personal strengths and talents birthing in!

Traditionally women have been the underpinning of the archetypal family structure. Strong willed, independent and able, they have the character to overcome and make do” against odds and circumstances that occur. You want a good life, you want love, understanding, appreciation and respect, with the freedom to be yourself and freedom to find, know and explore what that means.

For many, being a mother is the highest gift we aim for to achieve, for isn’t that the whole purpose of creation” to reproduce, love, nurture and to teach; but once all the children have grown up and fled the nest, once they’re standing alone, living and forging their own path, does that mean that your own work is over? What here in life is still left for you to accomplish?

Over and above the needs of husbands, lovers, partners, children and wider family” you are a highly evolved soul in your own right. If you’ve ticked all the boxes you’ve accrued up to date, there’s a very good chance that your higher soul purpose is calling for you to ignite it.

You are ready to begin a new level of being, where you’ll actually feel a lot more fulfilled and in tune with your reasons for being and living. You’ll exist and operate from this higher level – and feel good!

You have a good brain and sound mind. You have inspirations and opinions of your own. You have talents that you’ve gained” not only through this life but from previous lives lived before. You have a voice, you see and hear, and you are more than able to cope well with any curved ball that life and people see fit to deal,.

Life itself is now needing your personal take and contribution (as part of the reason you are living here) to add to the matrix of conscious intelligence still evolving, that others will tread for years to come.



If you’ve done your best through your life you’ve lived so far” if you’ve raised family, partner and children or elevated yourself from almost nowhere in the great scheme of life and work that’s presented” then you are ready. If you always give out and expect nothing back, if you love / give unconditionally” then you’re ready. If through work, home and love” you’ve given/received everything that you had, but you still feel a hole inside that nothings seems to fill up or reach” you are ready. You are ready to manifest life’s next steps coming in!


How to empower yourself as a teenager is exciting. The world is your oyster. It’s open and ready for you to partake, explore and express” in your own style and uniqueness.

You know the story of your parents and grandparents, of their personal highs and lows; their hopes, wants and dreams” fulfilled, still in progress or dashed. You yourself are a unique blend of them both. You have been taught to live fully within the present scope of society, the past may seem pointless and the future exciting. The present is a place you don’t always like to be” you get bored.

Yet you are the promise of the future. It is you and others like you who’ll take us forward in evolution. You’ll make decisions that will affect us, you’ll continue life’s own progression. You’ll teach the children who will follow you through your own truths and wisdom gained when you’re ready. You are in a powerful position” for your best is still ahead” still unwritten and unblemished by fear and dread.

Everything we are we have learnt or discovered first hand. We believe what we’ve been taught until life itself proves things to be different.

Yet what if up to date we had only been privy to half of a story; What if half of life itself exists outside of normal view and always has?

You have a body” it’s physical, this we know and can prove because we see it, can feel it and it hurts every time it gets damaged. Yet we are energy too. We are soul. This is harder to prove because we can’t always see it, but we can feel it (when it hurts” as emotional / physical pain), and we use it all the time” especially when we love, attract and deflect life. This soul will exist throughout time” it’s your blue print, it contains the record of all you’ve been and will be throughout all time (in this life, before and beyond).


You feel. You think. You believe. So therefore ‘You are’.

What is your story? Who are you really? When you’re not pleasing others” what pleases you? For everything you see and know” much more exists to be discovered. What do you do to evolve? What are your personal gains and paybacks” what have you gained because of all you’ve been through? What is your song? What will others say when you’re no longer here? What will you leave still undone as Karmic Earth baggage to address when you come back again?

If life ended today, would you be pleased with your achievements? Have you ticked all to-do boxes; have you worked through the list of everything you want to do, be or try?

(I am I) Most people even now are still asleep. They feel slaves to their life and unfolding’s. They want to feel love” but are still looking to find it. They want to be happy” but happiness eludes them too. They feel victimised and down trodden by life and society and by those who they feel to be lucky.

Yet life loves you too. You are needed and are necessary to Earth’s story still unfolding. It is you and others like you who give to life its own meanings and labels. (I am I).

What if we told you that the fact you’ve read these words is not coincidence” but by design. That in-fact you’re being lead to what you most need at this moment. That you’re being guided by life’s own forces and intelligence invisible” to help you overcome and grow beyond this stagnant stage in your soul’s journey unfolding.

You are the next wave of evolution birthing forward. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes” or a hybrid pushing through” your own higher purpose and next level of evolution and knowledge is here to greet you. So are you ready to invite these things in?

The material on this web site has been channelled / universally / consciously downloaded to help and guide you through paths birthing in – (in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart produced life changing works) to help you succeed and be at one within your own power. They will work quickly, in most cases instantaneously, to grant insight, support and inspiration. Don’t let yourself be held back by fear, uncertainty and unawareness. There is no need to take the hard path. Life is easy when you let it in to uplift you. There is nothing that you cannot achieve!


If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then our material will work brilliantly in tune with you directly. You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know what is happening within your own circle of life even now” and it’s from this point immediately that guidance will be give” to take you forward with ease, to enhance your whole life, to get it more in tune with where you are currently.

If you continue along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to get healthy, happy, confident and successful, you must understand better how you hold yourself back, how you too program the life you perceive and then live.

How you move forward from here” rests with you.


*All my work is a 3 way channelled link – between myself, ascended masters – and Source/God/The Universal Consciousness. Any reference to (I am I) is a phrase channelled specifically for this page straight to you – direct from Source…

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