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How to Heal Yourself

Why are you looking for healing? What are you wanting to achieve? How do you think that healing works? How do you do it? How often? How much will it fix? How can you help others? How is healing applied? Is it linked with religion? Do I have to believe in anything before it will work? Does it affect medication? Can anyone be a healer? Do you need to be trained? For how long?

Anyone can heal, anyone can be a healer, any one at all can receive healing to help aid recovery” whether mental, emotional or physical. Healing is available for all” unconditionally.

How to – Healing

No one is special because they can give healing to self and to others. This ability is already encoded within our psyche as part of our innate ability. We do it already in ways we wouldn’t normally think of as special, and always have, without knowing.

Healing can be practiced by anyone and be directed to everyone or anything, no limits apply. Nature’s own healing energies flow naturally to and through us for the whole of our lives. To heal means that you consciously use this powerful energetic force; you channel it for greater good, deliberate purpose and intent.

For example, anyone can move a car from point A to point B, but to do it properly” you must learn how to drive, you need to know what you can and can’t do, to understand the rules and regulations that must be adhered to, for reasons of safety, the law and good conduct. To give healing is somewhat the same. Anyone can give it, but to do it professionally you must know how; you must know what you can and can’t do for reasons of professional conduct and personal boundaries; and you must be insured once you branch out to give healing to the public.

How to Heal Yourself Naturally

Understanding how to heal yourself with energy is not a new idea. Throughout history the knowledge of how to heal your self existed. Everyone knew that we were not only physical, not just bones and skin. They knew how to heal yourself spiritually, they knew how to pray for healing at the time it was needed and they saw the live visual results. The more we practise healing” the more natural and powerful the whole process will be, the better our lives will become.

Healing is not based on religion It is energy based, so it has no limitations other than Karma – and the receivers own ability or desire to be healed or helped. If healing is sent, but for reasons of soul it is known something higher is occurring or playing out, it is up to the guardian (angel) of the person concerned” how far and fast, how deep and how long it’s benefits can be applied.

Every soul has its own unique calling and higher life agenda, and all things that occur have a purpose. If it’s necessary that you continue a little further along a path” to hit something you need that will help you, something that’s maybe not yet in place but is destined to aid your soul’s purpose, then so it will be. Every effort will be given to assist you in your healing process. Nothing is ever wasted or held back. All that’s destined to occur or be yours will still be so. Nothing will be missed. Remember that apart from enjoying physical life” you are also a soul on progression” learning and growing, enhancing and changing” even now as you read through these words.

How to Heal My Body

How to heal your body is not difficult. The body is an incredible, intelligent, working mechanism and it’s more than capable of renewing and healing itself. Learning how to heal yourself with your mind is simply a method of tapping into this process and utilising natural resources in a conscious, more efficient and mind focused way.

What is thought? What is mind? What is healing? What do all of these things have in common?

What all the above have in common is that they are all invisible. All are energy based. All are known to exist” but they cannot be captured, caught, seen or boxed up. They operate through our personal directives” day in and day out. What a healer does is to deliberately master or harness what lies unseen and then use it” for a positive purpose, to help and to heal what is necessary for life and for others.

Because healing / energy cannot be contained” it has no limits or boundaries to adhere to. Healing energy can pass through and beyond every substance presently known to humanity. Indeed all we see as solid form – is energy anyway, just resonating at a different vibration.

How to Heal Yourself From Depression

We have several cd’s that will prove to be excellent for use in this subject. Knowing how to do healing meditations will instantly bring you back to peace and balance. It will lift your moods and vibrational frequency. It will balance your chakras and help you connect better to life, being neither too stressed or too sensitive or too angry or depressed in the process. It will teach your ever busy mind to be still. You are not your mind or your thoughts, but it’s very likely that over time” you’ve allowed them to rule over you.

How to Heal Physical Ailments” How to Heal Mental Ailments

Your body and mind functions are intrinsically linked. The behaviour and health of one will always affect the other.

Only you know what you are feeling. You know what you cope with, day in and day out, in terms of thoughts, emotions and moods that you carry. Everything that you are” interlinks.

Healing is energy. You take raw, unused, vital live energy and direct it to where it is needed. It is the power of creation actively in action. By your request it then travels to where it’s sent” without discrimination. Healing can never harm” but can only help. It goes hand in hand with all prescription medication. Healing will often enhance their effectiveness” to render you in good health again faster.

How to Learn Healing

How can I be a healer is a popular question, especially if you haven’t heard of healing before. I will teach you though my books and my workshops!

Have you ever touched someone lightly in a moment of deep conversation or compassion? Every time a mother touches her child to console or caress” that is healing. Energy passes from one point of contact to another. When you visit family or friends in a hospital you transfer and share your much needed live energy to them, to top up their depleted reserves, that’s why you feel tired when you visit.

At the end of your day you naturally feel tired and drawn because your energy and life force have quite literally been ‘drained’ away.

Healers tap into the invisible reserves of Earths own vital live energy reservoirs and then distribute it to where it is needed” to aid and to help where they can, because once you know how to give healing no barriers exist. Knowing how to heal your family, how to heal others and how to send healing over distance becomes easy. It will give you a new lease of life. Instead of the normal pattern of just taking stuff out, you’ll be ploughing something back into life instead!

How Can I Be a Healer” How Can I Give Healing to World Affairs

At first it may seem strange to your family and friends that you can do healing in any form at all, for yesterday or even this morning” you were very much operating life in the same way as them. But don’t worry and don’t let your self be pulled off track. Just keep on with your decision and soon enough the proof that you can do it will appear.

You are part of life and life is part of you” so it’s natural that both parties can work together, help one another and communicate in sync.

(I am I)  You are a live working vessel for life and energy to flow from and to. You are alive on the planet’s surface here and now. All you think, say and do will add to others who do the same. Together you create energy mass.

To be a healer is to use yourself productively to aid life, other people, yourself and world affairs that attract you – that you read, see, hear about, notice ongoing!

I have the power to sustain life. You have the power to use it. Through free will and choice” you create, spend and fuel much that ordinarily plays out, but through focus and realization, you’ll do this in a more mind full and meaning full way.  (I am I)

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we’ve channelled/downloaded (in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart produced life changing works), will work directly in tune with you now. You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know you want to heal and what it means to you” for in your heart you just want to give back!and it’s from these places here guidance will be given” to help you work more towards this direction, to take you forward with ease, to get your whole life working better” with and for you.

If you continue along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for life to adjust, for you to progress and develop, you must also understand how you hold yourself back, how you program this life as you do in the way it unfolds.

How you move forward from here” rests with you.


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