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How to Love Better

LOVE” what does it mean to you personally? You know the thoughts that you have” but do you know what you require to feel your ‘love factor’ is present within your relationships?

Once you begin to know yourself completely both inside and out, you’ll be well on the way to knowing how to love better, deeper, stronger, healthily and for longer” without stressing or extra effort!

Love is such a small word in itself but its connotations are huge and are different for all. Wars have been fought in its honour. We search high and low to find it in life, hoping that it will turn up, and for some people it does although not always in the forms they expect. Others continue their search, often it seems to no avail, but what if we showed you how to simply alter your gaze just a fraction” to then find it was present all along? What if your whole purpose during this lifetime was to find deep felt love and then to put it into play, not just for yourselves but for the whole of your family tree?

How to love my wife better, how to love my husband better, how to love a man better, a woman better, even how to love my children, mother, father, sister, brother better, despite all that occurs or has happened, are all things that we naturally desire. We try our best with information and techniques that we have gained so far, but can still be left feeling short changed, confused, unloved and misunderstood. Time is too short, money is too scarce|there’s always a mirage of reasons that we blame for our failings. Sometimes we even lack the energy needed just to keep up with occurances!

How to love better is a dedicated chapter (entitled” What is Love Actually?) within my first channelled book – ‘And So It Begins’|- You have more power over life than you realise!

Love is a feeling. It is within each and every one of us as part of who we are. It is that part of us that determines how we feel about life, about others and about ourselves. It is the look of the world about us; it is wellbeing in our heart. It is the peace in our mind and the way we seem to swell when we are happy. It is the way we interact with other people and why we place their needs above our own. It is every ounce of our being that reaches out to touch the world we live in. Love is the way we care, the way we hope and the way we dream. It is the way we pick ourselves up – and others too, when we or they have fallen. It emanates from our very beings every day of our lives. It is the essence of all we are and all we can strive to be. Love is our life force. It is the energy that flows through the Earth and it is this that the greater world is short of. It is more of this” and only this” that can save our bacon.

Love is the key to the rest of our life. It is the key to our own happiness and to the gates of paradise, whether you believe in its existence or not.

Love will never fade away. It can never disappear. Love waits quietly in the wings of our life, waiting for us to notice that it is there. It is always there. Only we are stuck. We think we are alone when we are not. We close the doors to our own hearts and wait for others to turn the key that fits the lock, but how can they when we hold that key ourselves? The doors are locked from within, not without. We have barred our own way to happiness through the fear, pain and unhappiness we have felt.

Every time we are alone and sad, we place another obstacle in our way; another chink in our armour, without realizing. We trap our feelings and emotions deep inside and wait subconsciously for another to reach in” to unlock the door, but they can’t|Only we can set our hearts free, for ourselves, by ourselves, because it was we who locked them tightly in the first place. No one can rescue us. No one will manage to even get close until the time we comprehend what we are doing and let them in.

For nearly two decades I have been working on soul to soul empowerment, health, wealth, love and relationships. My guided techniques on how to love and how to build good relationships have quite literally helped hundreds of thousands find deep and long lasting love.

From today your life could be different. Your love can be recognised, received and returned. Your whole outlook on life will be much enhanced – quite simply in a flash, as a light bulb moment of understanding and realization will dawn” perhaps for the very first time!

So again ask yourself what it would mean if you felt loved? If you knew how to love your wife better, your husband better, if you knew how to love a man, a woman|What difference would it make to you and your life if you really knew and understood how to love better, stronger, deeper and if you could feel the same things flowing back equally from others in return?

Complete Development Kit

Access Your Happiness Now

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Benefits To You

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if its resonated within at any level, then the workshop and material we’ve channelled/downloaded, (in much the same way as Einstein’s and Mozart produced life changing works), will work brilliantly in tune with you now” to help you find, fell and know love, not just in ways you think that you need, but for higher reasons unfolding beyond what’s expected or usual!

You know all thoughts you currently think. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know what is happening within your core circles” and it’s from this point immediately that guidance will be given” to take you forward with ease, to get your life working better and you working with it, completely in tune with what’s occurring!

If you continue your life along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to feel loved and have better, deeper, fulfilling relationships, you need to also understand how you hold yourself back, how you too program your story unfolding.

How you move forward from here” rests with you!


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