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How to Manage Anger

No longer need you be fearful of anger outbursts. You don’t need to feel frustrated by the behaviour of self or others|All you need is understanding and some guidance!

You do your best to lead a good life, to provide and be helpful to all. You give your best and ask for little in return. You most probably feel frustrated as you look at life’s overall picture. The life you want seems hard to keep and often out of reach. You are tired and mentally drained; you just want to be understood, appreciated, recognised, loved, healthy, successful and happy|This much is true!

Yet reality for many can be a struggle. Daily strife and hardships take their toll!

Before we learn how to control anger issues it might be helpful to better understand the where, how, when and why outbursts occur; to know what makes any stress, anger, annoyance and anxiety spark and how you can break the cycle fairly easily with recognition should you wish. This can be as difficult or as easy as you decide it will be|You choose!

Knowing how to manage your anger is not always automatic. We are told to do and be many things by society, family and peers, but the examples they portray themselves can differ greatly from what is dished out.

In youth we take on board what we see and are subjected to far more automatically than the things we are told or are forced.. The age old saying ‘do as I say and not as I do’, springs to mind. Not every family is balanced, calm and loving. Far more often they’re dysfunctional, hierarchal and needy places, where tolerance, happiness and love seem invisible or hard to come by, where love is short lived and has a price; where temper, tails and outbursts are normal” and even seen as appropriate, regardless of what might occur or may be needed. All happenings lump together as stress and problems, as negativity and its myriad of destructive derivatives rule over the roost.

How to get help with anger management would greatly be of benefit to all, but unless someone, somewhere decides to break the mould to negate what’s fundamentally re-occurring, to no longer ‘feed’ the game, anger issues will not disperse – but will continue!.

The art of knowing how to control your anger can be easy when you know how” and this is where we can help you – easily and without too much extra effort” with material put together and downloaded exactly for this task| Hundreds of thousands use our products because they can see results – they work!

Negativity is a dense heavy vibration that quickly wipes any good moods feelings away. Like a virus its only function is to reproduce itself. It serves little purpose but to hurt and to harm; it’s all consuming; it’s gloopy and it clings to everyone and everything along its path, including rooms and furniture over time; it causes blockages; it will manifest physically as arguments, illness and clutter. It causes depression and is again all consuming; it can entrap you for years in the strength of its grasp if you don’t tackle and break down its hold” like the familiar old – Catch 22.

Anger is a form of this energy” but so too are its more commonly known counterparts and symptoms – such as inner emptiness, pain or despair of the broken hearted or the emotionally hurt – whether adult or teen; inner feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, restriction, misunderstanding and thoughts of unjustness through love, life, work, social or economy breakdowns; financial/social deprivation; disasters, shocks or problems previously undetected before they occur; mental/mind problems of boredom, jealousy and depression|- are all but a few of the more common variable triggers of people who lash out either physically, mentally or verbally.

But are you aware that even though anger is a physical symptom, its root cause is more often energetic, and that somewhere in your body, sometimes long before fully blown onset occurs, signs and signals appear to alert you of its presence forthcoming, to prepare you to the fact that something somewhere is amiss and needs attention|How to manage stress and anger will become easy once you recognise your own alerting indicators!

How to Control My Anger

Just like any habit, you have to recognise how and when you do it, as well as why – and have something to replace it with, before you can let it pass|Again the material we produce will give you exactly what you need, for it’s a unique and powerful support system, completely in tune with your life and what is happening for you here now, just like an oracle!

Anger has many facets and many levels that play out simultaneously for one and all. For the large part of normal man/woman/child behaviour, anger displayed at an appropriate time and in correct proportion to a happening occurrence is a natural, healthy response to any threat or perceived inbalance, and that once understood or intercepted correctly, it can often be used constructively to help situations.

When anger becomes uncontrollable or it remains unexpressed or repressed, it may lead to other more serious / destructive modes of behaviour to replace it that once they occur are hard to control” i.e. excessive behaviour/aggression issues; a lack of respect for authoritative figures; weight/eating disorders; a lack of love, self-esteem and lack of confidence, broken sleep and tension, being snappy, communication and personal boundary issues; the inability to have and keep healthy, balanced and loving relationships. The anger stage of abusers relates to how they get upset because they have an addiction problem and/or they are angry that they can/should no longer use substances, whether drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling” that they can’t seem to shake or let go” of what they feel they now need or enjoy|and much more besides.

How to Understand Anger

Every day time passes by in hours, minutes, seconds and nano-moments, and with every breath taken thoughts travel continuously to and through your mind space, regardless of whether they’re consciously or subconsciously endorsed or not. Some pass by unnoticed and therefore mount to nothing, others manifest physically through the real time life force and attention that you freely give them. You are their master and maker. Thoughts have no power over you unless you allow it.. You alone decide which ones to accept and put into action or deny and render null and void.

Knowing how to deal with anger or knowing how to manage the anger that you feel welling up, stems from here. It stems from your own active and perceptive live input” in nano-seconds, either as the victim of what’s occurring or the master / creator (according to your chosen view point).

From whatever angle you approach life, you are completely in control of how you handle or choose to deal with what’s unfolding.

For any story playing out” two sides or more exist. Much like a scene developing in a powerful play rolling out, where every word and action / non-action leads to further reaction!

You have to understand how powerful you are.

You take life’s own hereto raw un-programmed neutral life force and give it substance, life and meaning. You create the content of every moment that plays out through any feelings, moods, intent and thoughts that drive them.

You construct your life. You are not bound by the chiselled story that daily you live out. You can manifest and change life as you want it to unfold. You are no one’s pawn or victim and certainly no one’s fool; more occurs on levels unseen to hinder, help or spur you on than at first glance you might suspect. Life has definite highs and lows that we respond to” just like nature.

How to Deal With Anger Management

If you’ve been told or you recognise that you have an anger related problem, you’ve already taken the first steps to mend and change as you peruse this site” and note that you like it. The material we offer works with you and for you unconditionally in a non-threatening, non-judgemental, non-aggressive way” to empower and help you gain self-control” and therefore a better quality life within a more loving, nurturing relationship that will support you…

You know all thoughts that you think and what you’ve lived through. You know what is happening around you” but only from what you’ve seen or heard or have / may have been told” now within your own viewpoint. But what if we were to tell you that all you feel, see, think and know is only half of a bigger picture interacting and unfolding both through and to you? What if we could direct you to answers and information that you seek” that would help you better?

It used to take many long and painful sessions with a counsellor/therapist (then called psychiatrists) to maybe help you find the best path forward. But this not the old days, and it’s not the only way to gain understanding or to know how to manage anger problems.

You need to know how to handle anger when it happens” not in hindsight or in advance” but in the moment that you make live connections” as real life happens|To know how to control anger you must also know how to relieve anger. There’s no point in storing up or pushing down what you are feeling, and the moment you let anger rip” you’ve lost the advantage of holding your corner, even when totally justifiable or right. You’ve lost the advantage that any ‘how to control anger management’ sessions would have gained you. You’ll be its victim and feel angrier than ever because you have lost it. Here’s that Catch 22 situation catching you out once again!

How to manage my anger; how to reduce anger; how to get anger management; how to manage anger in children, are all valid and popular questions. The easy to use instant guidance material I recommend that you take a look at will render you very quickly a stress free, worry free zone. The visible difference in you as you use them will be noticed straight away by those who love and know you the best. Every day is a new day. How you choose to use it is your choice.

Happiness, love and balance are available for all. You just need to know how to gain them!


If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then the books and material we’ve channelled/downloaded, will work in tune directly with you.

You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know what is happening within your own circle of life even now” and it’s from this point immediately that guidance will be given” to take you forward, to get your whole life working better, completely in tune with where you are” like a real time live oracle / support structure.

If you continue along the same lines of action / reaction you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to get / keep balance, you need to also understand how you sabotage / hold yourself back, how you too program life as you do.

How you move forward from here” rests with you!


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