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How to Pray

To pray is to utter or address a prayer or prayers to God, a god, or another object of worship” to make fervent requests|to implore” to share your deepest thoughts” to make requests at soul level” to ask for help” recognition” answers” meaning to life!

How to pray” how do I pray to God” How to talk to God” How to pray effectively” How to pray for healing” How to pray for others” How to pray for oneself” How to pray for a miracle|These questions and many more are common thoughts at times we need help. But why do we wait until help is required to invite God and the miraculous into our lives? Society is such that we bumble along by ourselves. We think we are separate, sealed units. We believe we must push fight and shove to achieve end results. We think we are just bones and skin!

Yet the truth could not be more different.

You are first and foremost a soul in your own right, a soul living here physically on Earth, on a journey of progression and refinement. What you will become is not yet in view, for you only know the short chapters of life you have lived, but the future need not be the same|It’s unwritten, unseen and unknown” until it becomes here and now!

You are not a victim of a cruel vengeful life. You are wise and intelligent way beyond what you may think at this moment. You have lived through many lives, many different incarnations, and you retain all of that wisdom within the blue print of who you are” within your soul.

No one else is like you on the whole of the planet. You are unique in your actions and outlook. You have trained many lives through to be who and where you are” and the future needs your choices and input. Because of free will you create and express your own version of life” your own living, unfolding, real time story. No one else can own or control you. You don’t need to be rescued. You have the power and potential to do anything.

Teach Me How to Pray

How to pray to God is easy. Just be yourself. No airs, graces, ceremony or pomp are necessary.

Learning how to pray is the same as the language and thoughts you would normally use daily within life. Apart from an obvious air of respect, no one needs to teach you anything. You don’t need to learn how to pray. You are already connected anyway, and always have been. You are known for everything you are, for the life you have lived, for the thoughts you have had and the deeds you have done. You are known for all thoughts and intentions that were behind every choice and decision you made.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. No” one is sitting in judgement here” but from this point forward you must do your best – to live a good life” a life you can be proud to stand up and say you have owned!

(I am I)  I am forever connected to you. I know who you are. I am connected to all you have been or will be. Nothing blocks your way to achieve. Life requires your live input and requests – so it can connect in a way that you need. Prayer is that request. It’s your soul speaking out” calling” as you link back to Me – to creation. Intuition is your answer.  (I am I)

To learn how to pray in the spirit of light, love, life and the highest good always, let yourself be guided, helped and recognised” from a higher perspective – today.

Prayer is not stupid. Nor is it a waste of your time. All words are received as directed. All effort is made to respond in a way you can recognise and accept” through whatever means available at that particular moment…

Prayer is your soul felt request. Life will respond if you let it|Remain open and vigilant to life’s reply and majestic intervention” which will help you.

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we’ve channelled/downloaded, will work directly in tune with you” to help you progress as your soul travels higher!

You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know what is happening within your own core circle of life even now” and it’s from this point immediately that guidance and help can be given” to take you forward, to get your whole life working better” and you better with it” completely in tune with what’s happening.

If you continue along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to get healthy and happy, you need to understand how you hold yourself back, how you program this life as you do.

How you will move forward from here” rests with you!


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