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How to Reincarnate

Every soul in existence has always existed. No new souls are ever made. Many have had many different incarnations on Earth; many more have not been here at all” as their time to experience and express Earthly life being physical will be had in the future. Souls of higher vibration will wait until the energies here are more conducive to their needs and intent, before further evolution for the masses can be gained in humanities progression.

Reincarnation is part of the cycle of life. From birth until death a whole lifetime spent is but a fragment, a single chapter of each soul’s total experience.

Every lifetime you live is the most important one you’ve had up to date” because it’s your current time span; it’s your chance to shine – to contribute something back to the main frame; to undo some of the things that we too may have done in the past; things that add to and compound what’s still playing out here and now. It’s another chance to negate Karma, old baggage, and to progress and fine tune who we are” as we aim to move closer to Ascension.

But remember that it’s only on this physical level of life that alterations and changes are made permanent. It’s here, right now on Earth, that what we do, think and say really matters!

Nothing that we do is ever hidden. We may hide it out of view of usual vision but within the realms of ‘upstairs’ everything is visible. You’ll be seen and known exactly for all you are, for all that you’ve thought, achieved, wanted and through” past and present through the eons!, for everything is seen and recognised from the presentation and colour of your soul – through your aura, as it continues to flourish and evolve.

Soul is primarily energy in makeup. It has shape and form much like the body you have now” just not so dense. Soul energy is eternal; life is ongoing; neither can simply snuff out.

How many times we may have been here already – is not really important. The past has no hold over now” unless we consciously feed it and let it. What you achieve within this life span that you’re currently living is the gem you’ll take forward with you to spirit. I.e. All you’ve expressed and experienced, what labels and meaning you pinned upon life, the people you’ve hurt or you’ve helped, opportunities taken or missed, the life time of energy” good and bad, positive or negative that you poured into the planet through choices, decisions, acts and intent, the way you compounded or negated what was generally playing out as a whole… All these and more you’ll take back to spirit once your time here is through. But don’t think that that is the end” because it’s not, it’s just simply the start of another new chapter that’s lived upstairs within the realms of spirit” not here with us.

No one will be judged by another ‘soul being’ any harsher than you will judge yourself, for you’ll see exactly what you’ve created or left undone. You’ll see the effect that you had on others and upon life since you’ve been here: As your story replays you’ll judge yourself!

At the actual point of death you’ll be met by a loved one or someone chosen or known to you.

Before meeting up with others you will go into rehabilitation to learn to cope with the trauma of your passing and the fact that you are still very much alive; to overcome and come to terms with the life and the journey you’ve just left. This can take long or short periods of time and treatment, depending on the trauma of the life just vacated, deeds done and your overall sense of the eternal!

At some point you will reconnect with your family!

After an overview of your last soul agenda, choices will be made of whether you’ll come back to Earth to try again and why – not necessarily straight away but at some point in the future, again depending on what your past life review has revealed!

Remember also that time’s passage as we know it to be here does not exist on these levels in quite the same way. A relatively short span in spirit could be years or less or more here for us. Time’s physical passage here on Earth is much slower – and the energy much denser – to be able to constitute as matter!

Reincarnation is real. You may decide to come back here again” or you may not, but many factors will be considered, weighted and balanced. Many things will be deliberated before you make a decision; but one thing is clear -, you don’t snuff out at death, life continues|And each time you return you take up a vacancy that could have been filled by another soul, who could have birthed in that place with contributions and gifts to aid Earth!

But ‘you’ are here– you chose to be here. You birthed with your own things to contribute as part of your higher progressive soul agenda|You did get to re-choose to come back for another shot at living here in this time right now” to start over from scratch, to undo past baggage/mistakes/old Karma, to somehow in your own unique way – enhance life and its ongoing matrix through your presence and conscious action / input…


If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, it it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we have channelled/downloaded (in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart produced life changing works), will work brilliantly with you now” to help you understand not only your present life span unfolding” but your overall connection to what’s manifesting and playing out daily” also through you…

Reincarnation is real. What you don’t complete properly within this time frame becomes more Earthly baggage that at some stage you’ll perhaps want to finish.

You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel, what must be overcome and what’s been happening within your life circle recently; and it’s from here that help can be given” to support and take you forward; to get your life back on track and in good working order from a higher view point; so when your time is over” you can be pleased at what you’ve produced.

If you continue doing the same things that you always have without knowing, you’ll simply attract more of the same as life continues. For this to alter” the difference will begin first with you!.

How you choose to move forward from now here rests with you!


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