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How to Stress Less

To understand how to stress less, you first need to know how to understand stress and then how to successfully minimise its hold over you at times it appears.

We live in a world of transition and change, where life and behaviour are chaotic and often teetering on crisis, where the old ways of being are falling away and their replacements are not yet in view.

Time runs away much like water down a drain, and energy too, both more often untapped than expressed, and in the meantime we wrongly feel victim. Hundreds of thousands of us worry and stress over how to survive and meet commitments we’ve set, while many more feel down trodden and overly work bound, to meet ends and preserve ways of living.

Yet to live a good life was never meant to be a difficult as we’ve all made it.

We have free run of this planet with all its resources. We have free choice and free will. We can live as we choose and choose how we live” and we do! How we explore and express this again is by free choice. We are not victims; we are not broken; we are gaining in strength and intelligence|The whole world has never been as accessibly open as it is now in this time frame today. So why do we find it so hard to be happy? We believe in the worst far more readily than in the best. So what makes us all worry and stress?

Do you realise you create and program your own living story? You think it and choose it, then set into action all that’s necessary to create what you think/want/wish/intend to make manifest. Again if we choose almost everything” why are we all so often stressed?

Throughout your physical life you are constantly growing and changing, sometimes in small ways and small amounts and at other times, in the face of shock, challenge and crisis, in larger amounts.

Every person everywhere must come to understand that they’re an integral, active working part of life – and that life itself is also continuously changing” at different speeds and different levels, seen and unseen all of the time – affecting everyone. What matters most is the way we embrace this; how we work with or against life’s persistent evolutionary flow.

Once you understand the implications of how this relationship – operates you can choose to keep up or fall back. You will see how you are your own worst enemy and critic, and how often you hold your life back through not fully grasping what’s trying to play out or manifest through situations being faced.

Stress is a modern day replacement word for worry. Whether you worry or stress – you can make yourself physically sick with its continuous presence.

You alone know what you carry internally. You know what is happening, what you feel, need and think from moment to moment. So let’s hope you know also how to release and fine-tune any stress that you feel – to negate it, to stop it from hampering or taking a deeper hold – as you strive to move forward…

How to Recognise Stress and Its Most Common Causes

Stress is a habit that serves little purpose but to hinder and then pull you down. The energies of stress are self-replicating. You learned to do it well from a very young age, probably copy-catting your parents or grandparents. Unless you recognise when you do it – and then address it correctly, you’ll never consciously learn how to deal with anxiety – or know how to overcome stress that naturally occurs in life as you live it.

How to stop stress or how to be less stressed requires your continuous conscious attention. Your attention must be focused and totally present in the moment unfolding just as it happens” to push through it.

Regardless of what you believe” you are very powerful” not powerless. You have the innate ability to make or break much that occurs in any instant – just by the way you think or respond and project yourself forward from that position. To properly know how to prevent stress from occurring is an asset we should all possess.

Your thoughts and emotions are live energy charges that contribute to what’s playing out in actual real time. The way you subconsciously react to any present moment, depends deeply on the way you have personally learnt how to deal with stress that comes up.

How to Lower Stress

Stress is a negative emotion. It’s sticky and gloopy in nature and also contagious – which explains why you can’t easily shake it with effort alone. Ordinarily you may keep good control of your life, but when stress and pressures set in, life and others take control over you. Again this is another reason you can sometimes feel threatened and therefore even more stressed!

Every day is a new day. It’s a clean space to use and direct as you will. This is your life” but your life is your own real time unfolding live story. At times of pressure others can pull and push buttons that order you around until you’re pummelled and stretched to extreme. Understanding how to reduce anxiety easily is a tool you will use for a lifetime” not only for now.

(I am I)  Each person is equally powerful. Each is driving their life from a central position. Each knows the importance of tasks they must do, each has free will and free spirit, each will help life evolve and unfold in ways of their choosing.  (I am I)

When you feel stressed, begin to notice whether the emotions that spark it belong primarily to you or to others. Don’t take on board the stress of other people unless you are ready to defuse it. My book ‘AND SO IT BEGINS!’ will explain this much better.

How to Help Stress

Somewhere in your body you will feel the tell tail signals that will alert you to the fact that your tolerance / worry / stress / anxiety levels are rising. Knowing how to reduce stress at work and home will rely on your ability to detect this. Some people carry stress on their shoulders or their back, some in the neck, some in their chest, head or stomach. This will vary from person to person.

You must learn what your trigger points are if you want to learn how to avoid stress from taking root. Notice what activities, people, pressures or thoughts cause your world to become stressed instead of calm and naturally balanced. Again take note of who’s around and how you feel” to know your triggers.

How to Handle Stress

Do you know how much pressure you are able to endure before your internal scales tip and you plummet or let yourself be pulled way off centre?

Some people thrive on pressure set limits and stress. They’re adrenaline junkies. They keep cool as they’re pushed beyond normal limitations, as they harvest these highs to reach ever higher targets and goals. Others lose their cool. Pressures build greater than their tolerance can cope with and tempers explode as they lose their edge and any advantage they might have had” even when totally right.

A key to knowing how to cope with stress is to know when you’ve reached personal stress / tolerance limits, which you’ll find will vary depending on situations and tasks – for what and for whom, financial implications and free time available, health, mood and wellbeing, payback and requests being made etc. etc.

How to control stress is not always something we learn automatically through family or school, although it should be, for trying to prevent emotions from unnaturally bubbling over can force them to unleash as temper tantrums and unbridled outbursts instead” especially when things are not properly handled between natural stages of transition, development and growth” i.e. toddler” to childhood” to youth” to fully adult” to old age… And don’t we learn much by example??

All feelings and emotions when in balance and of relevance have their place. All serve their purpose” even stress when it’s handled correctly as a flag that means something’s amiss; when things need extra care and attention to correct them. Whether time driven, personal ego or necessity, stress means something’s out of sync somewhere for somebody, somehow” which therefore needs attention and balancing.

How to Treat Stress

How to be stress free means knowing how to relieve stress as it starts to appear. The first thing to do is stand still. Stop spinning around like a top. Take a few long deep breaths, calm down and regain your central point of inner balance.

For a moment or two be quiet and still, let every thought go” even when chaos reigns high around you. Now look objectively at the bottom line of actual truth (that which is and cannot be changed), and without hype or illusion, work out what is urgent and how best it can be overcome. Assess what is needed. Measure it against what you are doing” or against what you are being asked to supply…

Try to finish one task at a time but don’t be too rigid that you can’t ever set down what you’re doing to change tactic or to complete something else. From time to time others may require your attention or input to finish another task that crops up” for whatever their reason” just do it and get it behind you… You can debate ‘the why’ later!

How to Release Stress

Do you want to know how to alleviate stress and how to banish its hold from your life? You may not be able to control other people and you can’t always control what life brings to your door, but you do have absolute power over what you choose to do when things arrive, and how whether or not you take them calmly or stressed |Life is a mirror. Intentions, thoughts and emotions are live energy signals and charges. They’re real time instructions that you send out to life as you live it; instructions life itself must adhere to” for that’s how you create your reality” through cause and effect, the laws of attraction etc. etc.

For over 2 decades I have downloaded powerful material that will not only help you understand how to eliminate stress from your daily activities, you’ll become a worry free, stress free zone overnight. You’ll not only learn how to manage stress” but to buffer it long before it gets you| Everyone around will feel the difference as the new calmer ‘stress free’ you will start to shine through!

In today’s chaotic world this can seem hard to imagine, but thousands of personal testimonials are living proof that this is incredibly so, and that you can achieve it very easily should you with to yourself. This powerful information will help you turn everything around as you recognise for perhaps the first time” life’s whole unfolding interactive picture!.

My simple methods of how to beat stress work for everyone. Are you ready to live the long happy, healthy, stress free, worry free life that you deserve?

How to combat stress caused by the physical, psychological or emotional effects of injury, fighting, war or mistreatment is another issue. As each trauma is individual to the beholder, our one to one sessions may also be needed to help specifically with overcoming these problems.

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, it it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we’ve channelled/downloaded, will work perfectly in tune with you” to help you de-stress and know much better what to action as life unfolds. You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel and what you most need to come in. You know what is happening within your inner circle” and it’s from this point that guidance is given” to take you forward with ease, to balance and get life working as you need or would wish.

If you continue along the same lines you always have” you’ll simply attract more of the same. For things to get better, for you to be working life better, to be healthy, happy and stress/worry free, you must better understand how you also sabotage or hold yourself back; how you too program this life that comes in.

How you move forward from here now rests with you!


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