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How to Work Miracles

DIVINE GUIDANCE- The Answers You Need To Make Miracles

When we are able to let go of our doubts, something magical begins to happen. Life shifts to another gear. It begins to give us what we thought we could never have. It works with and for us on our behalf. This is only the beginning of the shift that comes to pass; the rest is put in place at the exact time it is needed. All we have to do is to recognise and allow it – to help it work.

Life operates on many different levels simultaneously, and so do people. What we see occurring on the surface is often just a fragment of a whole unfolding saga playing out. We are driven by emotions, perception, intention, needs and wants. Things we think and feel can chop and change within an instant, depending on desire and perspective.

If we had the gift of hindsight before events occurred, we would be more equipped to know exactly what was called for though our input; we’d pay life forward. What we really seek is wisdom, better insight and higher knowledge that can aid us in our tasks at the very moment in actual time that things present. Miracles are an everyday occurrence from the most ordinary to quite profound, but they can slip easily past unnoticed and therefore ungratified. My book ‘DIVINE GUIDANCE’ brings them back into conscious alignment and reality in a way that helps Earth’s own thriving, intelligent creative life force work with you.

You form part of life, and life in its turn works through you. All you say, think, want and do must crop up somewhere. All things interlink through Earth’s own active web of conscious energy and life; a vital, thriving, intelligent force that envelopes and permeates the entire planet.

What we each experience is but a segment of what’s occurring in the scale of the bigger picture. What we hear, see, think and know can often be just a fraction of what’s actually going on, for every situation that presents has at least two sides. ‘DIVINE GUIDANCE’ and LIFE IS CALLING|are designed to guide, help and highlight what we don’t always see automatically or clearly or easily ourselves, like a personal truth mirror or an oracle would reflect, or a two way conversation would display. Remember that we are linking back to Source here and that we are working with creation, to help the highest possible outcomes come to pass.

Everyone knows the thoughts they think, the life they’ve lived and what they see, feel, want and need, but few have blazing talents to know their ‘soul agenda’, to see karma working out, to read the underlying factors that drive life and other people here and now. Few interpret what they see the way it is.

If we could be a little more open with intentions, thoughts and feelings, others would read us better and life would flourish. But often we are guarded, our mind is busy somewhere else. We project our inner world through expectation and presumption onto things that are unfolding around us. We colour and misinterpret much of what we witness (hear, think, feel or see). We misread simple signs and signals and often alter, change and colour those we send.

If people everywhere are doing the same thing life is easily muddled, deeds and words get misconstrued, and we misinterpret unseen factors playing out. Presumption, expectation, needs, wants, emotions, feelings, hormones and swinging moods shape some of the many driving factors of how we think and then respond at any moment. What we ‘think’ we see and know can sometimes lead us into trouble because we act on just half the version of perceived events. Yet life is multi-faceted with windows, levels, requirements and purpose, sometimes way beyond what we would ordinarily consider or encounter. At times there even may be ‘soul’ tasks playing out.

All planetary life forms link and interact together to weave a web of continuous conscious energy and life. Nothing is secluded; all work and blend as one, simultaneously sparking and igniting with and against each other, producing pockets of activity on creative levels, often invisibly.

(I am I) I second this Even though seemingly independent, no one and nothing operates alone. All conscious working minds link telepathically and energetically to each other. Every atom of life on Earth links back to Me. (I am I).

‘LIFE IS CALLING and DIVINE GUIDANCE.’ are designed to work with you in the unfolding drama of your own real-time life story playing out, to highlight what lies unseen, in accordance with what is happening at any moment. It links to higher conscious mind through your own intelligence, through your energetic life force and higher self, linking with and through your Guardian” straight to Source/God/Earth/the Universal Source of Life that links to all.

The guidancethat will be offered will take you by the hand to steer you through what is occurring to lead you forward” no matter what, guiding, talking, supporting, advising, to help you achieve the highest outcome available to you at any moment.

This life that you are living is not by accident but personal choice. It is the road map of the real time journey your soul is travelling. You can chop and change direction, rethink, re-choose, delay and alter all you wish, for you have the leading character role in your own life story.

Nothing sits beyond your capability to achieve. You have the power and vital life force of this planet running through you, helping you to succeed and spurring you on, for its own sake too.

Nothing is set in stone before you personally make it so; in fact the future is as pliable as plastic. It can shape shift, flex, bend and change. It actually alters all the time, for every moment contains possibilities yet untapped. You are the activator of what is now and what will be, so it naturally falls to you to do this well.

From your first breath to your last you provide life with live signals, you programme, repel, attract and project what will then be put in motion, though you may not always consciously realise it at the time. You have free choice, deduction and free will. You work with what you know and what you think, believe and want, but so do other people. Every soul alive has a life agenda to accomplish; all have needs to meet and routes to travel.

For life to work with you to its greatest capability, all aspects and all levels must work in sync. What you believe must be the truth and what is desired must synchronise with live events, i.e. raw creative energy, the corresponding truth of others involved; your own attachment to the moment; the physicality of your attention, intent, desire, thought, action, drive and timing must all correctly blend together to align the perfect moment being lived.

This synchronisation of live events is necessary to create the fertile setting for any miracle to occur. Like a well-rehearsed plan or play, all participating pieces join together in the moment ‘now’ to complete the movement and finished product in fractal time!

Miracles are a natural part of daily life” we just don’t notice. According to your wants and needs, life is trying to unfold in your best interest. But circumstances, thoughts, doubts, fears, emotions and many other things get in the way. Not all you hear, see, feel or know is beneficial!

What possibilities would await if you could navigate the life you live more effectively, staying one step ahead of all others and of change? What if you always had a solution for the challenges you face” to ease your journey? Do you want the best from what love, family, friendships, home, work and finance have to offer?

Life is not always as it seems. Underlying issues, perception, cause and effect, karma, intention and soul purpose simultaneously play out together on unseen levels. For the seemingly miraculous to happen, for life to function properly, all aspects and all facets must work in sync” including us.

Life is not against you” it’s working with you, providing daily what you ask for and what you need” though you may not realise|This is always the driving factor that drives life.

Deep within your psyche, within your own survival system, a higher sense of ‘being’ is creeping forward. You’re part of something major going on” it’s why you’re here!

Your own soul is ascending, a new world order is birthing through, you are evolving|

Some of the paragraphs above were taken from my book called ‘DIVINE GUIDANCE’” especially written as direct answers to questions, to help you recognise where you are on your journey and life agenda; to help you re-harness your personal power and regain life control” regardless of what is unfolding in your life now. Every time you use this book you’ll get precisely what you need” without exception.

YOU have the power to make a real difference” are you ready to use it!

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, it it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we have channelled/downloaded (in much the same way as Einstein and Mozart produced life changing works), will work brilliantly in tune with you now.

You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know how you feel, what you must overcome and what has been happening within your life recently; and it’s from here that help can be given” to support and take you forward; to get your life back in good working order from a higher perspective.

If you continue doing the same things you always have, you’ll simply attract more of the same things again as life unfolds.

How well you choose to move forward from this present time frame” now rests with you.


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