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What Is The Definition of Karma?

The concept of Karma has been with us since before recorded history and religion began. Even before we could all read and write!

A definition of the word karma is the knowing that we’re made up of both a physical body (temporary matter) and an immaterial spirit (eternal live conscious soul energy); and that it’s this immaterial part of us known as soul, that survives death” retaining individuality and memories accrued throughout this and all previous incarnations experienced; to be reborn into another body (for another live physical journey), to create and live another full term at some chosen point in space and time later on, for many powerful and varied reasons of our own soul’s development and progression” as well as for reasons of life’s own unfolding bigger picture itself.

A new physical identity is carefully chosen before birth to develop and grow for each chosen new life span, depending on what must be experienced, contributed or worked out in the light of that time frame. Yet the integral soul / spiritual part of each being / person remains constant and continuously forward moving / upward growing throughout all lives that it lives in succession. There is no such thing as backward movement. E.g. No human soul can rebirth as an animal|Lesser lives (e.g. short sharp hard existences) may be chosen to negate karmic baggage somewhat faster but no interspecies over lapping’s occur” as far as we can tell or have proved!

Soul energy can never snuff out. Karma is on-going. Good karma definition and bad karma definition is dependent on the content and outcome of past lives and this one completed, and the use of free will and free choice that you’ve exercised and personally lived through.

Past lives can indeed have a profound influence on relationships and experiences playing out within this life, whether visibly and invisibly|i.e. your life here and now could depend very much on soul contracts that you made whilst in spirit, or soul agendas to be completed, or karmic baggage accrued, to work through and negate for reasons of soul growth and development; for each life to move forward; for higher levels of refinement and ascension!, for yourself, for others or for the bigger overview of Earth’s health and life!

According to the dictionary the meaning of the word Karma computes to” the sum of a person’s actions in one of his successive existences, is thought to decide his fate for the next|actions determining future states and successes|in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy the true definition of karma is the quality of somebody’s current and future lives as determined by that person’s behaviour in this and in previous existences! a person’s destiny or fate based on past thoughts, deeds and actions accrued by the soul|Basically a simple definition of karma is that you can only take out of life’s store cupboard that which you first have placed in” from this and past lives for higher use and greater purpose in the next!

But What’s The Meaning of Karma?

Karma is the invisible driving force behind the on-going laws of cause and effect caused by deeds good and bad freely imparted, whether individually or en mass, as the result of our own past actions and present day doings (individually or collectively as we add to the greater world programming that’s even now playing out). Any kind of intent behind free will and choice through thought, action or doing creates Karma, whether mental (energetic), verbal or physical.

Many people today are totally Earth bound” as if living but in waking sleep. The pull of this physical level has been so strong for so long that they” like generations before” have forgotten that they are eternal; that what they see, touch and feel is only half of life’s actual unfolding story; that more exists unseen to influence the physical than they realise.

But realise we must. For life itself is rebalancing and re-birthing as we speak – that’s why so many things are chaotic. Life is not getting worse, it’s just rebalancing. And we have total charge over which way the pendulum will swing” whether individually we’ll make things worse or whether we’ll all pull together to bring about balance, peace, fairness, wellbeing and natural abundance for all!

If we remain within the realms of believing that we are purely physical (just skin and bone and that at some point we’ll decease), then the life that we’ll live will be hard. Every bump, shock and horror will be lived and therefore felt along our path or chosen journey, for life must indeed grant us the content of deep seated beliefs and thought forms. If you think life is hard” then it will be. If you think you’re life’s victim” then you will be. If you believe you must push, shove, struggle and sweat for everything that you need” life must provide that for you too” not because this is the true meaning of life upon Earth, but because you create it / add to it yourself” as part of what you will and wish in, whether consciously knowing or not.

Life is but your slave. You program it daily through live input you generate. (More on this subject is discussed in our powerfully channelled / downloaded material” available through the store on this site).

If you have enjoyed what you’ve just read, if it’s resonated within at any level, then the material we’ve channelled will work beautifully for you” to help you in this time frame ‘ascend’; to help you do work on soul level that’s required, to remove and help you steer clear of creating more baggage” to take onto your next life.

You know all thoughts you are currently thinking. You know what you’ve been through and others too, but you don’t know your full soul agenda or what’s about to come up. You know what is happening within your own circle, but it’s not always clear as to why” and it’s from this point immediately that guidance can be given to help you move forward with ease, to get your whole life working better and to get you working better with it.

If you continue along the same lines you always have without waking up” you’ll only attract more of the same. For life to get better, for your energies to be finer, for what in-turn you give back to be better” you need to also understand how you hold yourself back, how you sabotage or stop life unfolding.

How you move forward from here rests with you.


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