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What is Healing? What is Energy Healing?

All healing is the transference of live positive energy” just like a charge” directly to the point of intent by the sender/healer/individual. Through its very nature healing energy can only be a force used for good. It’s impossible for it to be anything else. It’s non evasive nature sits well with the usage of prescription medication and treatments, and it in-fact will often increase their effectiveness, thereby reducing the need wherever possible, to constantly increase dosage levels!although at all times medical supervision must always apply for obvious reasons of correct observation| Healing works completely in tune with your living bio system” emotional, physical, hormonal, endocrine, energetic, magnetic, chemical etc…

Most individuals already possess a healing touch whether they consciously realise it or not. A mother will naturally touch or stroke her child in times of love or distress. It’s natural to hold someone’s hand when they’re sick or in need, even to express love, comfort or support. At times of compassion, again we touch; we even do it during mutual conversation as a way of connecting or showing recognition, solidarity and friendship. The list is long and once you begin to realise” you’ll see that you’ve witnessed healing in action forever. Each touch equals energy transference!

The Power of Healing.

Healing is energy in motion, it’s the transference of pure positive Universal / Source / Earth energy from one point of reference to another, from person to person, person to place or situation, person to country, person to thought projected locations i.e. News stories heard about, catastrophes etc., anywhere at all that it can serve the greatest good for humanity, the planet, evolution!
It can be activated from person to person thought the laying on of hands, either physically or within the auric field. It can be sent in thought form anywhere around the globe i.e. by healing prayers, instruction and intent. Every individual is powerful, but many individuals pulling together in the same direction can really be a powerful force for change and for good.

Healing Energy

Healing by energy is as old as the hills, as a race we just forgot for a while. You are part of life and life is part of you, the two are forever connected.

You have a physical body, you move around in it” you can see it, feel it, you know it.

You have an energy body too” it’s called your mind or your soul. Your soul envelopes your body to sustain it, to give it conscious individuality, intelligence and life.

Earth too has a body. From space we can see we form part of it. We live and move on it. We need its resources to nurture and sustain us as part of our very survival.

Earth also has an energy counterpart. It too has a mind and a soul, infinitely more powerful and intelligent than our own.

Earth is enveloped by its own intelligent pure neutral energy and life force. Earth’s body is both positive and negative in nature” as too are we. By our very actions, thoughts and words we compute this raw natural force into a positive or negative charge” by intent. I.e. we fire continuous pulses of Earth’s own once neutral life force” to one another, all day, every day, often without knowing that we do” fully loaded… But this is the point. Once we do know we can alter our conscious actions accordingly. This is not fiction” but fact. Even science is starting to realise that this energy exists, and that it’s probably the most important finding since science first began its exploration. (for further understanding read And So It Begins!)

Healing is given or sent to its destination by a healer or a good intending individual. Many types of healing exist. All differ only in physical application. No one form of healing is better or more powerful than another, requiring only that the intent of its supplier is pure.

Many different people achieve varying levels of ability within their chosen field” just like travelling up the grades whilst in school, but overall the healing itself comes straight from the Universal Conscious force” directly from Source / God / The Universe.

We are all part of life and life is part of us. It’s only natural that the planet can provide help when we need it, given the immensity of creation itself. Healing has the power to override much of our outdated, defunct programming and cellular instruction. Its results will depend only on our own ability to receive and to heal, but that in itself is another subject. (Again see And So It Begins!)

Healing with energy by touch, thought or intent is powerful. Energy itself has no boundaries. It can travel backwards and forwards through time. It can travel through and beyond every substance and material known and unknown to mankind. But because of the laws of free will” it needs to be active by us!

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is healing with energy that is channelled directly from Source by way of the spiritual realms” by light-workers.

A spiritual healer will train for many years to connect and blend easily with healing spiritual masters and individuals, such as doctors, nurses, angels, angelic beings, ascended masters and many other white-light levels of service intelligence, committed to uplifting the health of humanity and the wellbeing of Earth planet itself.

If you find you have a calling in this field, if you want to make a difference on a larger scale, if you want to be part of the solution to the problems that we face as a race, then healing may well be for you. The method of healing you will choose will be irrelevant. Simply go with what seems to suit or fit with you the best” and those in Spirit who’ll work with you as part of your team, will do the rest once you’ve set the intention and the motions in place.

Remember too that hands-on-healing is not always necessary although you must start somewhere. You must always learn the do’s and don’ts of any practise, the how to heal etc, but once you begin you’ll often do it more by thought transference than by any other means” unless you want to do it physically of course|You’ll find it both easy and satisfying helping friends and family. With very little effort you can visibly make the world a better place. (See Life is Calling!)

Spiritual Healers have always existed. Indeed every religious or sacred text ever written contains many examples of such individuals. The calling to be of service, to help our fellow man / woman kind is deeply encoded within our DNA survival systems.

This calling is no less important today than it was way back then. In fact it’s even more important that we sort ourselves out and get happy, for the energy we’ll then feed back into life will be purer, finer and more in keeping with what our Earth needs to replenish. Instead of only taking” we’ll be giving!

What is Chakra Healing? How does it work?

The human body is like a working bio chemical machine. Many systems are necessary to keep it functioning and well in precisely the fashion we need. To-date doctors and our own knowledge of exercise and health have served us admirably up to a point. But we are more than just what we see, much more than our physical bodies. Much more occurs on levels unseen to affect our vitality and health than we realise.

We are physical beings made of matter, energy and light. The part we can see is the physical. Its dense heavy structure is perfect for conditions on Earth. The part that we don’t see is finer. In truth it looks identical to the outer physical you, but it is as different as ice is to steam is to gas.

The energy body must marry precisely with its physical twin, your visibly body, to perform as your health needs it too. It is this that encodes all your programming. It is this that connects you to life. It is this energy body that exists beyond birth and death. It is this that gives you life eternal.

During your natural life cycle, energy centres called chakras operate in a Catheryn wheel fashion to distribute your life force evenly throughout your whole body. Each chakra has its own unique colour and operating frequency. Each corresponds precisely to its own sector of your physical and emotional/energetic set up. However stress, worry, imbalance between work, rest and play and many other normal life occurrences can knock them out of sync. Some will spin the wrong way; some may be too open or even closed entirely.

It’s simple to keep them in alignment. Regular healing or meditation can do this easily to keep you vitalized and in the best state of health that your body is able to maintain|(See ‘I Am’ Meditations!)

What is Angelic Healing?

As with all other aspects of healing, angelic healing requires that you connect to the higher realms unseen, to request what you need to assist self and others for the good.

The very first thing to do is to connect back to Source / to God / to the name of the deity your belief structures recognise as the ‘ONE’. When you operate from this fashion you go straight to the top of the tree, thus ensuring that all levels of expertise and help are available for you to work with. In this way you won’t limit yourself|

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. Your next port of call must always be with your own guardian angel” who knows you far better than you even know yourself. They have been with you through all that you’ve lived and have guarded you to their upmost ability. They know the soul pacts you’ve made with other people that you’ll meet and interact with along your life journey. This connection is flawless.
Again as with other forms of healing” you can fly this as high as you like, but remember that you can only own properly what first you put into practice. Knowledge unused is simply energy not harnessed or made physical. It will remain part of the ether untapped!

Life needs us all to play our birth role to our utmost ability; it needs all available channels open, balanced and working in sync for the greater good.

Distance Healing

What is Distance Healing? What is faith healing? Are they the same?

Distance healing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s healing sent by healing prayer or simple thought request, across the ether – from sender” you” to Source” to recipient. Because it’s positive energy in motion it has no boundaries or confinement. It can travel anywhere, any distance, across the whole globe, through time and space. It has the power to punch through negativity. It empowers, unblocks, heals and cleanses everywhere it goes|

The sender can pray loudly or silently (prayer is just another way of saying ask or request), straight to the highest point it is able to recognise” God being best. Ask and it will be given. Upon request light-workers, angels, doctors, nurses” or whomever is deemed necessary to assist, will be send to the receiver to pass love, light, healing energy” and sometimes deeper treatments, directly to the person, place, country, situation concerned. It is really just as simple as that” but don’t ever underestimate this power. You should use it as often as you can, for you are the ears, eyes and knowing of life in action right now|It’s your obligation to use this facility, for everything you think and know affects you directly somehow in some way. Whenever you give” you also receive, for you can’t send what you firstly don’t have.

No request goes unheard or unnoticed. No request is ever hampered or withheld.

Healing is however linked to the soul agenda or the recipient concerned. His/her guardian knows if the help requested can be accepted at this time or not. If on a higher level karma is playing out, the help given will be used to find the solution to be set into motion much quicker and easier than it would have been without. Our guardian know that if we have to experience something specific for just a little longer to hit a target or a trigger point ahead that’s necessary for our development or soul path, then so it must be, but healing and help sent will fast track this process. Know that all episodes will be all that they’re destined to be.

Faith healing is a word from the older day’s vocabulary. By its very nature it suggests that you need blind faith and belief, whereas in reality nothing can hold distance healing back. Its positive energy, power and intent can only be used for life’s good!