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2012 – What it means…

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Forget the scaremongering of Hollywood and hearsay. The world will not end, there will be no immediate change – we are in fact already in the middle of huge shifts and growths prophesised. Even within our own life structure we can see huge changes, physically, emotionally, historically and personally. Every life on the planet is being shook up and all we can do is hold on. Yet why is this happening?  Is it some part of a cruel unfolding plan? Are we being held accountable by some vengeful deity for actions of present and past? Everything we know is being overturned, nothing seems stable. What is occurring and what if anything can we do about what’s playing out?

The word is not going crazy, things are not getting worse. Life is rebalancing and we are an important part of that shift.

You particularly chose to be here right now, to be alive in this time frame and the unprecedented shifts that are happening. There are many books and therefore much available information on theories relating to this, but for the purpose of this written piece, we will simplify it, to help you understand how 2012 directly affects you, even to the point of personal relationships, love, family and work.

Without computer programs and technology as we know it now, our far distant ancestors knew more about planetary alignment, deep space, stars and their physical / energetic effects than we think we know even now.

NASA itself has discovered deep in the centre of the Milky Way, in an area we thought was black space, a new energy source, a new star, that burns far brighter than anything else that exists in our solar system today. Nick named ‘the pistol’, if we were to place it within our local system, if would take up the whole of the space that Earth currently uses to circulate the Sun, and it would burn thousands of times brighter. This new discovery seems to be directly lined up with our own Sun and Earth – NOW. The Mayan calendar accurately predicted and pinpointed the precise date of this alignment as 21.12.12.  The Bible and other such books called this time period as ‘the end of times’. We are physically living this ‘end of times’ NOW!

For now, set aside the physics – and what all of this means, the real impact on us will be more on a planetary / energy level – which in turn equates down individually to each one of us.

The Mayan calendar ran for five equal segments of 5,125ish years each, unlike our rolling 12 months. We are not only at the end of one of these segments; we are at the end of the whole complete thing. We are at the end of the old cycle, but instead of snuffing out, we are heralding the start of the new one coming in, a new world view with new vibrations and potential of its own. Twenty twelve is the date given, 21.12.2012 to be more precise, and we have the technological backup and intelligence to realise…

If you could draw a straight line through space, the Sun is passing directly in front of ‘the Pistol’. Earth, the Sun and the centre point of the Milky Way are aligned. Rather than all this happening over a one day time period, it actually began in the 1980’s and will be done by roughly 2016.  Only at this present time, once every 25,625ish years due to its wobble, can Earth directly receive vital energy it needs to replenish, but even then – only up to its own capability to attract, store and receive in the first place.

In the world of science, a positive can link to a positive to increase its size and output. A negative to a negative is the same. A positive and a negative when they meet together simply collide and cancel each other out.

Every human alive is an energy conductor. Each one channel’s its life force – for the whole of its life – directly back to Earth as either a negative or a positive charge.

We are the ones who decide the wellbeing of the planet by the overall input we feed back to life. We’re either an asset or a drain depending on our outlook, our actions, thoughts, deeds and intention. We will either help Earth receive what it needs to replenish – or we’ll block. The choice is as easy as that.

Never before has free will been so important.

On a personal level this equates to you being happy or sad, peaceful and open or stressed out and blocked.

We are living a unique point in time where the vibration of life is greatly sped up – that’s why time ‘feels’ to be going so fast. Never before has it been so easy to let go of what we no longer need. Will you wake up and play your part? Will you help life to replenish itself – and therefore help us in the process?

The choice rests solely with you…


Stephanie J. King


Stephanie J King

Working as a gifted spiritual and reiki healer, counsellor, life coach, author and healing medium, Stephanie J King channels insights, truths, inspiration and advice directly from the highest spiritual realms and from God (I am I). Stephanie teaches and sells her books nationwide in health / healing / therapeutic workshops and at major Mind Body Soul/Spirit exhibitions and events across the country. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter and Google +

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