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A New Start…

No one knows your life journey better than you. The thoughts that you think; what you’ve been through, witnessed, gained and have lost. Yet would you believe that through it all – you were not alone? That someone; something; knows you even better than you know yourself?

From the moment you are born and whilst even in gestation, you are conditioned to the circumstances that will surround you in early life. You take on information, some your own and some from others, you slowly build a picture of how you perceive this life to be – and then you live it – often until now without looking back.

Yet no two situations are the same.

You have your personal thoughts, your personal likes and dislikes, your place in life is not the same as for any other – even within the same boundaries of the same family. Even a few close friends who go together to see a movie will gain completely different viewpoints at different times…

From early years until now you’ve gained exceptional information and experience, but this is just the tip of what is destined to be yours during this lifetime. To date has simply been a gathering of your personal tools, talents and gifts, a gathering of Karma that once you know how – can easily fall away as you move forward.

During every stage that you have lived through, you supposed that you were living who you were – or were meant to be, but again this was just a facet of your whole journey still unfolding, for you are more than you can begin to wish or guess…

If you are indeed the master of your own life – you can begin to alter what comes in at any time. You can redraw, reshape, refine or start again at any moment, not from the beginning but from now this very second, with the knowledge and experience you’ve gained to date. Draw a line on what’s gone before and start again.

Begin to be aware of the words you choose to speak. You may be working towards a goal post – but your words may portray the opposite, you might be sabotaging what you really want to gain. Look carefully at your thoughts, are they as confident and clear as they should be to move you forward, or again do you sometimes doubt your own ability?

(I am I) Every day that you awake is a brand new page – a clean fresh start. It’s a new space that is unwritten until you use it. Yesterday is over, so is last night or even this morning, and the future though we speak of it is not yet here – it’s born of every action in every second of your NOW. Recognise your personal power and how you choose to use it. Do you choose to be life’s asset or do you choose to hold life back? You write the unfolding program you daily live. (I am I).

The world itself is in the middle of the greatest shift that’s ever been since man’s arrival. Things are not getting worse – all is shifting – regaining balance, and collectively and individually this falls to us to help it work. Through our actions we take life forward or hold it back.

Change starts individually within your own mind, within your usual thoughts and behaviour patterns. This is the beginning of a new chapter of mankind’s unfolding, understanding and self-discovery, with many chances to rethink, redraw and re-choose who you are and what you’ll give back during your time span here. Be strong yet kind and patient in self review along this journey…

For us to perform a task as large as this one on our own would be impossible, indeed that’s how we got to reach this point today. When we let down our personal armour or protection we feel vulnerable or weak, so we keep it up, and expertly since early childhood we make it thicker.

Yet we are not alone and never have been. We are surrounded by energy, by love and by Earth’s own live giving and guiding forces, and working with them makes us confident and strong. Change might not always be easy, but we are in this process together, with tasks and talents that lie hidden until we find them.

Nothing is so difficult that it can’t be overcome. You simply need new insight, information that will help you win and take you on.

(I am I) It is by right of birth that you will win though what you endure. Happiness and peace are there for all. You simply have to know how best to gain them.

Every single soul is plugged into Earth’s web of life. You daily send out signs and signals that attract/deflect the things you then will face. You are each live open vessels for creative energy to connect with and flow through. You are the intelligent force of NOW in physical action. (I am I)

All my works are channelled from a higher Source to inspire and help you grow. Your life is unique. You are important. Nothing is written in stone – even destiny… It is you and all you do, attract, wish and produce – that writes the programming you then live by that is your story. Only you can change it – and as you do as if by magic the world you see and work within alters around too… YOU ARE ITS KEY – and always have been…

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Until next month;
Be safe, well and happy…
Be all you search outwardly for…


Stephanie J King

Working as a gifted spiritual and reiki healer, counsellor, life coach, author and healing medium, Stephanie J King channels insights, truths, inspiration and advice directly from the highest spiritual realms and from God (I am I). Stephanie teaches and sells her books nationwide in health / healing / therapeutic workshops and at major Mind Body Soul/Spirit exhibitions and events across the country. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter and Google +

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