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Real Time Soul Release & Exit Points

By 14/07/2017One Comment

(I am I). If you could remember how difficult it was to get here to be able to have a lifetime on this planet, not to mention what you’ve personally been through, you would be much more appreciative of your body and of time spent. (I am I).

Nearly every soul present today has been here before. Granted a few are brand new and they’re recognisable easily enough by their childlike outlook and excitable qualities; but the remainder are still ploughing through stages of karma, personal growth and soul attainment. Every lifetime is assessed when it’s over, not by an almighty ruler ready to pounce with praise or punishment, but by each individual soul judging its own self on how well it fared against the culmination of live efforts and growth.

(I am I). Every soul living here now is living as it personally desires. Much must concur with morality and the rules of the land, but even more by free will and free choice. Over time each soul creates what it wills and believes its own life to be against current backdrops of intelligence, conditions, circumstance and society, neither accidental nor haphazard, but chosen deliberately by itself for itself or by others for development and awareness going forward. (I am I).

Birth is just the start of ‘a new book of life’ for each soul arriving here physically. Parents are deliberately chosen for their  attributes, good and bad, to formulate the basic platform and conditions the new soul will learn from. Nothing is meant to harm or hold back. All is for learning and growth, for love in the name of love’s sake, for each soul has its own list of past baggage/ karma to recreate, understand and move beyond so their soul can grow forward and up beyond ‘stuckness’ to renew their vibration.

(I am I). During what is termed as infancy here – unique base line structures are set as each soul adjusts to information foremost available. All data is processed uniquely depending on what it needs to achieve during this timeframe; beliefs become foundations which become the spring board for this current life’s growth, behaviour and forming character. (I am I).

Remember that most souls have been here before. This means that they’ve had one life or many lives before this. Meaning they went back to ‘Heaven, to Higher, Energetic Soul Realms’ when their time here fared or progressed, to assess. This assessment is necessary not to punish or reward but to set the tone of where they’ll next gravitate. What is done during a lifetime becomes the base line karmic structure of what occurs or is needed afterwards; where they’ll go; what must be done, undone or revisited, fine-tuned or still created, to decide whether they’ll remain in the realms of spirit (going on to higher or lower realms than before), or return back to birth physically to try again quickly before this can happen.

Return is not automatic. It has to be earnt, allowed… Not everyone gets the same option. Not everyone needs to come back here – but many will decide to from choice having remembered or seen their life’s overview playout – from a perspective of higher understanding and seeing the whole complete picture. Growth can only happen here on Earth physically. In ‘Heaven’ we gravitate to the realm we’ve personally earned – not gifted or chosen – but earnt. And so we settle down and live, but at some stage in much the same way as right here – our soul starts to stir, we become restless again and want more… We may indeed learn that more does exist – but can’t permanently sustain or keep it because that involves more fine-tuning and growth which so far we haven’t managed to attain.

(I am I) What is gained here becomes encoded, imprinted within each living soul’s energy field. It becomes your vibration, your mark, your authenticity, attainment which then allows you to gravitate higher not only in this life but the next. Like attracts like… What you attract you become. If you want something more you must change your vibration, your own vital essence, to be able to hold onto and keep it. (I am I).

Depending on growth, karma and outlook – a whole life is mapped out to help you achieve this. Destiny is no more than hitting set triggers to keep you on track, to help you grow forward through understanding, free will and choice. Should a soul have accrued negativity and Karma, depending on content – what’s now required, why and how to undo it, they may choose to come back for a short, sharp, burst of life to undo or wipe clean or to give back, to help life in another sense – not just for their own reasons of benefit and growth, but to gain first hand awareness of unfairness, injustice, inequality and more that’s occurring or that perhaps they themselves had produced – in the hope that others too will wake up, recognize and stop it; that by becoming the victim through love unconditional, someone somewhere will start the ball rolling to stop world atrocities occurring.

It’s not just attainment that matters whilst here – but the travelling of each journey itself. Nothing is beyond your capability, compassion and strengths to overcome and pull through. However also written into each soul agenda path are ‘get out, escape, fast track, wake up’, clauses should life become too much, should illness or unimaginables happen. This is not to say we should use them deliberately for if we did, once in ‘Heaven / Life after this Life’ we would see options we didn’t expect; family life might take a turn and our presence would definitely have been needed for support and reasons other; you may find that what you thought was occurring – was actually not the case, so once the spat was over you could have enjoyed life further, longer…

These clauses are not a deliberate removal of life – but instead a soul release in times of great illness or distress (decided when here by the universe – not physically yourself). We have seen them in action when people return from death’s door against odds stacked high against this; when disaster strikes close and they themselves had been missed (however this actually came to pass); when accidents or close shaves occurred, and the outcome could indeed have been worse – and you realise that you are still standing; that the clock is still ticking, that the sun is still shining, that birds are still singing – but you yourself could so easily not be here; when acts of God or the Universe occur in a flash and you’ve somehow miraculously survived; when a soul comes back from a near death experience having realised their time here is not finished…

After that point a new lease of life and understanding occurs with a far greater appreciation of this life and a new chance of doing things better… We waited a long time to get here. Life is precious. It’s a gift. Who knows when you’ll receive it again? And do you really want to repeat this process over – or wish you had realized you could change and move forward beyond occurrences? So far you have lived only part of your life. Things are changing, we are evolving, life itself is rebalancing, every-thing and everyone will rise with it. Become the true brilliance of the light that you are. Know you’re here for a reason – and you’re worth it.

Article written by Stephanie J. King, featured in More To Life magazine 2017

One Comment

  • Sue says:

    I, myself, found this an inspiring and enjoyable read. All my beliefs resinate through your words, words that I myself could not have written down in such an understanding. Thank you. With your permission I would like to circulate your article amongst fellow believers. With kind regards, in love and light, Sue

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