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The person you are now is not the whole person that you can be…

From your first breath to your last you are a work in constant progress. Every person is unique.

Everyone is here today physically in this time frame for their own purpose to fulfil their soul agenda and life journey.

The whole purpose of life is to evolve. Nature runs in cycles, animals live according to their species limitations; we on the other hand do not. We have the ability and intelligence to be anything we desire, with no boundaries or programming to hold us back.baby_child_daughter

Before birth you still existed. You were present in energy form, pretty much as you are now but without your physical shape and present body, much as vapour would be to ice etc. You had most likely been on Earth before within a different time and place; you’d lived a different life and built up character, strengths and talents according to world progression and conditions of life around you.

Every soul on Earth today has lived on Earth before. This is important to understand. We are souls on a soul journey of eternal growth, of infinite intelligence and progression. Every single soul will experience everything, if not in this life then in those before or yet to come, as part of the unending cycle of life still unfolding and playing out. This is the real purpose of human existence, the reason that we are here, for collectively we give the meaning to life itself, we write its program, what it actually means to spend time here physically living, to feel, think, see, hear, know, to love, learn, grow, experience, explore and express…

Collectively we are responsible for the labels and meaning we stick on life, for how we live today and for what is playing out across the globe. We invent the real time script that we then daily live. We are accountable for what we feed to life and for what we are attracting for the future – and the world view we’ll leave behind us for our children.

Whilst still in the realm of spirit, before our time of birth, we tried to plan the type of life we personally would encounter. We chose our parents, siblings, peers and people we would meet along the way, how they would aid and interact (and us with them), and what we’d gain on a soul level from the experience. We saw an overview of life today upon the surface of the planet, what we could and would contribute if we were able to wake up, to help or heal or change, to aid what we saw unfolding for the greatest good. With these things and more in mind we saw the benefit of presence here for self and others.

This life that you are living is your most important yet, for it’s the culmination of your soul’s progression up to date…

After every life lived here we gain earthly baggage to work through. We see what we’ve accomplished, opportunities that we’d missed, ways we could have changed things – had we realised – for the better. We see the real affect of our live actions – good and bad, we see the routes we took and available alternatives we may have missed for different outcomes. We see the time that we’ve just spent here and the affect it had on life and others, whether overall we were an asset or a drain.

These are some of the many varied things that program personal Karma in every life, karma that’s accumulated throughout our present life agenda, which must then be overcome and triumphed through for us to grow. This is a fundamental reason why we experience what we do and why we are all so very different, for we are all on different levels of achievement, development and progression, we’re on individual journeys playing out – in real time life, journeys of our own choosing and design.

Babies are born pure. They have no blemishes or baggage at time of birth. They are shaped by their experience, by life and people interacting, by society, by conditioning and conditions that surrounds them. Depending on their character and intelligence, they assimilate knowledge gained. This in turn builds into karma – that needs to be worked through in later life – as we are now.

Karma, cause and effect, free will and personal choice determines who you are and what you do today. This makes you unique – it’s why you are you.

Nothing that you’ve been through was meant to harm. Instead as you look back – you will see that you are stronger and much wiser for your experience. You have grown. You are different today than who you were in years of youth, and you’ll alter time again before you leave the planets surface and physical life.

What you leave undone in this life – goes with you to the next, for life continues – it does not stop. You will overview your achievements as your contribution to today and to life’s present real time programming as a whole.

What you leave behind will depend on how you read reality, how you interpreted live signs and signals, what you did through your own free will, conscious intent and personal offering. What you gave in terms of energy – good and bad.

Our life links to the planet.  Our presence is either an asset or a drain – the choice is ours.

Everything about you – you have chosen at some time, even in your smallest thoughts, your look, your taste, your home, your work, your loved ones and your hobbies. Milton Keynes itself was even birthed in this same way, as an idea within the mind of its first architectural creator and then of every creative thinking mind in tune thereafter, from commercial to domestic, so you can begin to see the power that you too personally weald, for you are an integral working part of life itself.

For today at least, begin to notice your life differently, as though you were looking in…  Do you feel loved, understood or appreciated? Recognise your own thoughts, habits and patterns. Begin to notice how they drive you and how they add to life around you, how your actions write the reality that you then face and invest your free time, free will and life force continuously in.  No one should pull your strings. You have total flexibility to live your own life.

Physically, whether in this life or the next, nothing is completely certain except we birth and die, yet far more occurs on levels unseen than we can ever imagine. The soul journey you are travelling is completely individual and unwritten – so what you will contribute, pay forward or give back – is yours by personal choice and accomplishment.

Until next month – be safe well and happy;
Be all you search outwardly for…

Stephanie J. King
Soulpreneur ™
Published Author, Healer, Trance Medium
Life Coach and Relationship Consultant.


Stephanie J King

Working as a gifted spiritual and reiki healer, counsellor, life coach, author and healing medium, Stephanie J King channels insights, truths, inspiration and advice directly from the highest spiritual realms and from God (I am I). Stephanie teaches and sells her books nationwide in health / healing / therapeutic workshops and at major Mind Body Soul/Spirit exhibitions and events across the country. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter and Google +

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