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11076283_1802520583305918_3354226222695971225_nWhere you are now is where you should be. You chose it yourself bit by bit with actions and decisions you’ve dismissed or activated along your unfolding timeline. You are in charge of what you do or don’t do every moment.

Why would you believe any different?

You have a place in society and in your family, that’s entirely unique. Without you there would be a hole, like a tear in a net, like a missing piece in a puzzle. You have a distinct role to play in the ‘present’, the now time that you have in your custody.

You are a much needed link for life, time and others to connect to. You’ve set the scene and the pace, and you’re now playing the part of your choice.

But do you ever stop to look around and take stock of what is actually playing out in real time? Do you ever step out of your story to see life from a different perspective, as though you could look in from the outside, to see what others see and expect or get from you, not from illusion or ego but in truth? Do you ever take a second glance at what it is that you’re actually creating?

During youth we are so busy learning and building that we barely have time to sit still. The life we live seems to happen of its own accord and we simply have to show up – to keep up. Then we’re set free. The world is ours to sample or partake as we wish. Sometimes we go crazy, but sometimes we are like fish in a pond. We move and grow within the parameters of what we know – or think we should do, rather than from the understanding that we are free to choose anything.

Yet what is your journey about? What are you creating? Why do you choose all you do?

(I am I) The truth is that you probably don’t know, that you’ve built up a pattern of things you always do, so you do them. You don’t push any limits. You’re just getting by…  But is that enough?

Is what you have built so far – your soul reason for being? Yes, you now have commitments, but even those you either chose or fell into. You are responsible for your children until they are grown; you work to pay bills and to be able to live as you choose; but again, what is your life really about? What do you do with your time? What will you take with you as your proudest attainment, what will be your personal offering back to life?

At this point some people feel down – but you mustn’t. You should be glad that you’re addressing this now, while you still have the opportunity to do something about it. Anything!

Whatever you choose to be or to do, or just want to give back, will be adequate. Your best effort will always be sufficient, for at least there’ll be movement… Don’t doubt that you can do it, or that you might not be good enough. Just have a go, simply try…

You have a chance to be the person you wish… (I am I)

Life is a gift. It’s not really very long once you’ve put into place things like family, work and building your home. In youth you probably had desires and dreams about what life would be like, of what you wanted to be, do or sample. Perhaps you should try to remember.

Don’t live your desires out through your children; do them yourself – for they are your dreams – not theirs. They’ll have their own, built up through a mixture of your thoughts and theirs. They have different things to accomplish and do, with different triggers and goals to reach also.

The greatest gifts you can give them are freedom and independence; the freedom to be themselves, meaning mistakes they’ll make too, under the loving safety net of the family umbrella that you’ve so far created.

Give to yourself the same love and consideration… Be patient and kind, not angry and down on your achievements and body. Take as long as you need to rekindle. Begin to slowly rethink and redraw the fortress you have steadfastly built.

Once all basic needs have been met, look around, begin to expand and explore. This is a huge world, and you can see, use and try whatever you wish, just be kind to whomever you meet and enjoy all the things you’ll encounter.

(I am I) Your life is not over – it’s just in a place of change and transition.  A whole new chapter is dawning – and you too birthed to become part of it…  (I am I)

Are you ready to unleash your true potential?

Stephanie J King

Working as a gifted spiritual and reiki healer, counsellor, life coach, author and healing medium, Stephanie J King channels insights, truths, inspiration and advice directly from the highest spiritual realms and from God (I am I). Stephanie teaches and sells her books nationwide in health / healing / therapeutic workshops and at major Mind Body Soul/Spirit exhibitions and events across the country. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter and Google +

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