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Members Area

Thank you for visiting our site and we wish you a very warm welcome to this – our brand new member’s area.

We’re extremely pleased that you continue to love and use the work that we channel to help you on your own personal journey, and we promise that we’ll endeavour to generate more, in every effort to grant you continuous high vibrational support that’s ongoing!

You must know by now how important you are and that it’s imperative that you remain happy, that life works productively with and for you – in a manner that you need it to.

Much change is occurring around us. You are ascending” but the higher realms of heaven are descending to join with us, to help us in this pivotal time frame, not just for our own sakes but for the sake of the energies and live content that collectively, we channel back to life during the time span we each have left to live out on the planet.

This life you are living now ‘is the most important one you have ever had’ for more reasons than we are sometimes aware. Even Nostradamus with all his visionary talent couldn’t see beyond this place/level we are building at the moment!

Right now, we are able to access extremely high levels of information and guidance that before today could not have been accessed before death.

Heaven is itself is descending. Both the physical (Earthly) and spiritual (Heavenly) realms are blending” to birth in a new matrix of learning and higher conscious being that will help us. Together we are bringing in systems that others will follow suit for hundreds of years yet to come, and as we all settle down to life’s new higher rhythm, we’ll live daily in a more connected, higher conscious, compassionate, loving abundant and balanced way!

We have access right now to the higher overview of real time life, as globally it’s unfolding and playing out across the board – a fuller, bigger picture that we personally help to shape, compound or accentuate, to hinder or assist as and when we are needed, whether individually or larger en mass.

The laws of cause, effect and attraction link to everything and operate undetected as the engine of life’s own driving force. Karma and live soul agendas are being called into completion and new higher ways of thinking, behaving and being are birthing for all!

Our members area will allow you more interactive access with myself and the material we organically generate to empower and help you unfold.

As a thank you for joining – you’ll receive”

  • a free mystery gift in the post
  • a free downloadable gift of our powerful, channelled, guided ‘chakra balancing’ meditation!
  • 10% off all purchases in my online shop
  • a monthly topical newsletter” with our Divine Guidance Tip and a meditation you can do easily where ever you may be!
  • a free bimonthly link to our interactive google hangout” ‘question and answer’ sessions, where you can either participate with questions of your own or just listen to issues being raises|We expect this to become a busy event, so you’ll have an opportunity to send in any questions when we supply you with the participating link.  (We’ll aim get through as many as each time slot allows. Valuable information will cover many topics and be free flowing!)
  • a free bimonthly ‘healing meditation session'” again accessed through ‘google hangout’!
  • a monthly topical ‘Positive Living’ page!
  • first hand access to interviews, editorials and videos as they appear!
  • and many more exciting workshops, talks, appearances and new products as they come up!

All for only £8 per month.