And So It Begins… (Signed Copy)


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You Have More Power Over Life Than You Realise

Each day is unwritten – how you use it is completely free choice

This powerful book is an inspirational bestseller at book shops and MBS shows around the country. Uniquely interactive, AND SO IT BEGINS… will take you on a journey of re-discovery, re-awakening, remembering & self empowerment to gain fresh insight, understanding and the ability to attract deeper love. You’ll activate your own soul agenda, a real time life agenda that you came to complete with time spent here…

Every soul, therefore every life, links directly to Earth, to Source, to the Universal Consciousness of itself. And So It Begins|opens windows and doors to new insights and understanding that you may not have realized existed. Like an oracle/truth mirror/real time life guide, it will quickly highlight your soul purpose and life agenda. You’ll know exactly who you are, what you’re part of, what’s going on with others and life around you, what you’re able to achieve and contribute, where and why things get stuck as well as ways you can effortlessly change this. You’ll view differently past and present; your karma, talents, gifts and strengths, how others push your buttons and why you react” to stop what you no longer need” repeating.

Every soul alive is born with a life agenda” chosen by himself/herself and higher beings” for their own soul’s improvement. Each is on a journey of awakening and discovery. Each is placed in life where they can best achieve what needs to be accomplished and experienced within their life’s time span.

This is the first book written in a series destined to rebuild the hopes and happiness of all who have thought themselves unworthy and abandoned for far too long. We are connected to the true source of life, to the source of the planet itself” and we have never been anything other. Born to live the life that is now, the present is our heritage, not our punishment. We are meant to be happy, living our choices, not feeling downtrodden and depressed.

(I AM I) How many people recognise My hand in life? How many understand that I know their every thought, wish and movement? How many realise I am not the vengeful ruling force they think Me to be? How many wish for love and recognition but realise it is already within and without” just waiting to be unlocked and fully lived? (I am I)

And So It Begins|will take you by the hand and lead you forward in a way that is safe, non-evasive and realistic to be beneficial from the very first time that you use it.

(I am I) The life force that is yours is unique. No one else can fill your shoes. No one else has had your same life experience. I need you to come back consciously to truths that wait here for you” to help ease your life and help you grow. (I am I)

And So It Begins|can be read as a book as a brilliant read, it can be used many times daily for up to the minute guidance that’s completely in tune with what’s happening around about you, and as you receive its information” life will immediately respond in accordance.

The rest is up to you|Will you pick up the gauntlet?

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