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To coincide with our ebook – BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE
This fantastic, powerful, easy to use and listen to CD will de-stress and empower all teens…. There really is nothing else like it on the market!

Life is not always easy when you are a teen.

Hormones rage, pressures are high, wants, needs and expectations rule” but so does disappointment!

This CD was especially designed to help you balance and cope. It will uplift and power you through even the most difficult situations you will face.

This is singularly the most helpful thing you will come across: Ever!

Can you really afford not to try it?

Being a teen is the most important part of your development so far, yet it’s often when you feel least acknowledged and understood; where you feel most the pushed and pummelled by life and others…

What would you like to change? What do you need to function better? What would it take for you to feel happy, acknowledged and accepted?

You have enormous potential; you can go anywhere and do all things you wish. Love, security, happiness, abundance and success can be yours” much easier and faster than you think. In fact nothing need ever hold you back. But do you even know that you are truly powerful – not powerless and that you are an important cog within the workings of this ‘now’ time playing out? And that life itself is constantly spurring you on?

You are part of the generation that will take life forward. Yours is the new wave of creativity and intellect birthing through. You see first-hand the world you’ll inherit and you feel strongly about much that you deal with. Yet nothing is impossible. All options are open for you to explore, fine tune, reshape, invent and enjoy.

These special, guided mediations were downloaded to precisely help you understand your own power and potential. Very quickly you’ll find yourself more focused, relaxed and open to new ideas flowing in, and because you’ll stress and anger less, relationships on all levels will feel the benefit. The brilliance of who you are will be apparent for all to see. Life will flow far easier in the directions you most want – and you’ll be happy!

Are you ready?

Two Tracks approx 1/2 hour each. Can be used as often as you wish – to immediately see and feel a difference that others will notice too…

Directly Channelled by Stephanie J. King
Music & Production by Marcus Cliffe


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Weight115 g
Dimensions17 × 22 × 1 cm

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