Grave Doubts – Death was never the end!



An incredible afterlife testimony…

Grave Doubts will rock the core of deep-set held beliefs about life and death – carried sometimes throughout many generations…

  • If you’ve ever lost a loved one, this book will bring them safely back into your life when you know how close they still are, why they pop in, how much they appreciate and love you (never mind anything that occurred) and that they’re actually OK…
  • If you’re racked with loneliness, grief, pain or guilt, Grave Doubts will grant you understanding, healing and peace.
  • You’ll recognize the physical connection the two of you share that won’t diminish over distance or time.
  • You’ll have the incentive to once again live – with a deep knowing that its actually OK; that in doing so you’re honoring their memory and time spent here.
  • You’ll know why your own life has been as it has, why things present, why you’re here, what afterwards you’ll take forward with you – and most importantly WHY!

Most of all ‘Grave Doubts’ will inspire you to question everything – to help you be happy within THIS life – so you grab it by the horns, see what you’ve created and make small adjustments (where required) to make what’s already gained that much better. You’ll wake up to higher truths of what’s happening…

You and your place, your journey in life, have more significance than you’ll ever know.

No other book has been written like this before with such frank and open speaking. Whatever you think you know about life and death – think again… Life takes live instructions from you! Are you ready to embark on the next phase of your story that’s been standing/screaming/shouting to come in?

Grave Doubts has come into your life for a reason. Don’t miss this opportunity to grasp that. 


Grave Doubts – what the readers say… 

“I have found Grave Doubts to be fascinating, informative and a compelling read. In-fact I could not put it down – and then bought several copies for friends. I was very moved and felt privileged to be sharing in Simon’s after life journey”.
Annie (GP – end of life hospice) – UK

“Stephanie J King’s book, Grave Doubts, is one of the most descriptive and believable books I have read on the subject of “Life after life”.
Having read many books on this subject, starting with a series of books written by Tudor Pole, I became intuitively interested in this phenomenon.
As I have grieved over many close family members who have passed away, I instinctively felt they were still alive and well, but in an afterlife, but I am not sure what their afterlife existence really is.
Grave Doubts satisfied many of my thoughts on the subject. It also gave me a great deal of reassurance about the rest and healing sleep that those who have died in traumatic circumstances receive, especially those who have committed suicide.
Reincarnation, another intuitive feeling I hold, was another subject I was pleased Stephanie raised in her book.
Overall, Grave Doubts is ideal reading for those bereaved people, and would provide reassurance and comfort in their bereavement.  Thank you!!!
Maddie Bigg – UK

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