What would life be like if you had answers before problems, stress and questions arose;  if you could stay ahead of the journey unfolding by reading and choosing things better?





The Universe is alive. It’s listening and responding to all thoughts, words, emotions, feelings and actions produced…

How would you like to ‘gain answers’ before questions and problems occur’?  Well now you definitely can!

Specifically channelled to guide you through situations, this powerful book contains –

  • Archangels and their given specialties;
  • Associated Crystals & their specific healing properties;
  • Higher Meanings of the ‘I Am I’ – Angelic Messages Oracle Card Deck;
  • Affirmations;
  • Popular World Prayers – each being powerful mantras and live energy tools within their own right;
  • Further necessary information;
  • Top tips to keep you protected and safe.

Connect with the raw potential of live universal energy; harness direct wisdom and advice being offered – for a better love / life experience – today and every day…

If we could have the perfect guidance at our fingertips, whenever and wherever we needed it, specifically in tune with whats unfolding for every situation, the experience of our own life would be easier and a lot more rewarding, with far less to fear or feel daunted about. We could relax and be happy instead of worried, stressed, fearful or stuck.

Well the good news is that now you’ve found this book!

Combining the life affirming energy of the Universe, the special affiliation we each have with the Angelic realms and the innate (whether you believe in that existence or not) and the purest raw power of crystals, this book contains all that is needed to set you on the right track when you’re facing life’s challenges and growth.

Designed to be used often for any reason, all images are uplifting and the channelled words wise and informative, with easy to use and remember affirmations and mantras, this book can be used as a stand alone product or as a valued added extra to our beautiful ‘I AM I’ Angelic Messages Oracle Card Deck – also available in our shop. (But please understand these items are powerful, life enhancing, game changing, interactive products).

Creation itself takes instructions directly from us. Nothing is haphazard. Nothing just presents or turns up of its own accord, but by the time we realize what is happening, life / real-time / the process we all live and breathe has already engaged, so instead of choosing and debating from alternatives available – we react from within current limitations…

Most choices and decisions also happen in an instant as flashes of inspiration and awareness, well before we ‘know or realize’ other things may too be playing out or that more options and choices are available. But you have charge of your own life. No one else can own that privilege, so are you ready to stand in your power?

The trick is to understand what’s happening in each moment much better, to speak life’s language and to read signs correctly to see what’s hidden, out of focus, blocked or holding things back; to know how to proceed to achieve higher outcomes; for with clarity and vision more is possible.

(I am I) Nothing remains unchanged forever. No outcome is set in stone because all options are available until the time life itself locks them down. Even then much still can be altered as new choices become available or show up.  Life is individual to every soul – depending on perception, intent, focus, belief and outlook as well as karma, free will, choice and destiny, but what would your journey be like if you had answers before questions arose; if you could remain a step ahead and read it better?

This book is a real-time life line, a personal live connection with Myself (I am I), higher Angels, Masters and other Light Beings who work with you directly to aid this process.

When you are happy the light of your own soul shines brighter, your energy is finer – which then flows out to life, out to the universe again to attract the same back and so life and creativity continues.  (I am I) 

Short Bio – Stephanie J. King – Soulpreneur (TM) and Ambassador of Light – is a Trance Medium, an internationally respected Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Transformational Life Coach, Speaker and Author.  Her best selling books ‘And So It Begins…’ & ‘Life Is Calling…’ paved the way for a new style of ‘self-help’ books that work directly with the reader’s higher self, guides, guardians and the Universal Oneness – to offer practical, positive guidance and outcomes. This is a long awaited follow-up and the most powerful yet.

Remember ‘old fashioned blind belief’ is not necessary. Life is interacting with you, delivering individual requests. You are connected to it’s real-time conscious living matrix. You know what you’re thinking and what is occurring around you – but don’t always know why things are happening, what to do, what to watch out for, what’s coming up and why, for what reason again… But now you do!

You can stay one step ahead – to always win through! That’s what this material will do!


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