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An ancient method of hands on healing, Reiki itself is Universal Life Energy” channelled directly from the Universe through the practitioner to the recipient.  It is a powerful yet gentle way of healing with energy!

REIKI LEVEL I – during this course you will be attuned to Reiki” to enable you to heal yourself & to practise on others, simply through using your hands.  You will learn the positions & structure of a complete healing session, how to cleanse the aura & the balance chakras.


 This is the next step for those who have used Reiki I & now wish to take their learning a step further – personally & professionally – by attuning to Level II.

 You will be initiated into three sacred symbols which will enable you to send distant healing across time and space to anyone, anywhere in the world. You will be given advice on how to now use your skill professionally” with motivation, respect and intent. Attunement to Reiki II will enable your use of Reiki to become an integral part of normal daily life” as you assist yourself and others on many levels!

All courses will be held in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.

If you need to stay overnight I can recommend suitable hotels

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