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These are highly specialised pockets of information to help you overcome what the weeks and months ahead will bring. We’ll aim to highlight any blockages that may be around – to help you pass through them unscathed. We’ll also guide you in how best to move forward and grant valuable insights into matters that surround you right now, to aid daily life and get it flowing more to help you. These readings are unlike any other!

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These unique sessions combine Spiritual Healing with Reiki in a Divine Conscious connected way” to de-stress and give you help that you need” to recharge your batteries/your own depleted reserves” to ground you and balance your chakras” to help your system to aid itself better and connect back to life in a more well balanced way, defusing what you don’t need to be carrying|Healing has the ability to help and to heal many things. By its very nature and application it has no restrictions and will always achieve the best results that it can|hindered only by personal limitations. It helps the body to maintain itself in any way possible” often boosting the effects of ongoing medication|

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