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“Stephanie J King is one of those rare people who seems to have a clear and continuous direct line to spirit. She works at a very high healing vibration and even in the time I have been involved with her much of my own baggage has simply fallen away. Divine Guidance will help you deepen your connection to source and spontaneously bring in incredible clarity around even the most challenging situations.”

Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur and star of BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den, now a Business Mentor and Transformational Coach

How can I explain the work of Stephanie J. King – except brilliant! Everything she does – she does with Spirit. Every word she speaks – is channelled too. For many years she had dedicated her life to unlocking the potential of others, young and old, rich or poor. She works for the highest realms to empower and spur people on – to work on their own soul agenda, to access talents, gifts and strengths they possess, to stir latent potential for the good of their own life and purpose and for the greater good of the greater whole – the realms of Earth and Heaven as they combine.

Every soul alive has karma to work through. Stephanie will not only help you recognise and work through it – but she’ll elevate your state of consciousness for the remainder of the time that you are here.

Her latest book DIVINE GUIDANCE works the same – only now ask a question – any question – and the answer will be immediately presented, like with a direct line – a telephone link – to what you need to know or work through now – this very moment. Nothing is beyond your ability to achieve. Stephanie J. King will unlock your potential and zest for living – whatever your soul purpose and presenting path…

‘Jacky Newcomb,’ multi-award winning, Sunday Times best selling author’ of An Angel by my Side

Stephanie’s Access your pleasure zone on-line course has gently directed me inward to ask some deep core questions, to get to the root of why I react to situations and people the way do. It has also highlighted for me how my childhood experiences have influenced my life so far and the decisions I’ve made in adult hoood.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is questioning or struggling with life and our purpose for being here. It’s not like reading someone else’s story, you’ll just be reviewing your own life story and will receive the guidance to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a more contented way of being and attain greater inner peace. It is really inspiring and uplifting. Ann Marie, Dublin.

Best for now,Ann Marie 🙂

Divine Guidance…

How truth can help you – I know well myself. Free of illusion and Ego – this book is a true inspiration that will heighten your awareness and purpose to what is most needed – to inspire and help you move forward.

Deepak Chopra

Every relationship I’ve ever been in has been difficult to sustain until now. Since using ‘Life is Calling!’ and ‘And So It Begins!’ on a daily basis, not only have the results been incredible and easy, but I finally understand many simple things that were occurring from a different angle. You’ve really put life into perspective for me” well should I say for us!! Thank you so much Stephanie for helping me to finally see!

John aged 43, Stockport

Hi Stephanie. I just wanted to say thank you for producing your development package. I’ve never used anything like it and can’t begin to say how it has changed my life. (My friends use it too). I feel so much lighter and happier and this is reflected in every aspect of who I am. For the first time ‘I feel that I really fit into my skin’. Thank you again!

Tracey aged 27, Northampton

I want to thank you for the books and CD that I now use each day to help me. I put the CD into my car during lunch and my friends wonder what I’ve been up to when I go back to work. I float back lol|My parents use them all too and they don’t seem to ‘argue’ as much. I think it helps them understand each other’s point of view and mood swings. I have just started a new relationship that seems more in tune with what I wanted, so thank you again from us all. I hope to meet you when you next come to Glasgow!

Susan aged 18, Glasgow

My girlfriend and I have 4 children between us. Having come from other relationships we were finding it tricky to balance the old with the new so to speak. Your down to earth manner and the wisdom you share makes a whole lot of sense. We both use your books often each day as they help bring us clarity and we see the bigger picture of what’s really playing out” which is often surprising. Thank you for the peace and understanding you’ve brought into our home!

Martin aged 47, Oxford

Working in a busy world of finance these books are a God send to keep us on track. Just even dipping in and out is great fun – and they always seem to be so correct! Things have never been so free flowing and easy!! Thank you Stephanie!

Kathryn aged 32, London

I am just about to get married for the first time and I want to thank you for the work you have done. I never knew my parents and went from home to home without knowing the love and grounding of a family. I have been able to settle my ghosts and bring all of my knowledge together to now finally settle down. I want to say that I wish everyone could find their peace as easily as I now have. Thank you again!

Peter aged 56, Chalfont St. Giles

I never knew books like this even existed!

Nigella aged 54, Milton Keynes

Hi Stephanie. I want to say thank you from my husband and myself as we’re about to celebrate our anniversary with repeating our wedding vows|After our children left we really had to rediscover ourselves as individuals and as a couple… Your books, a shining light in this crazy world, have helped us grow together rather than apart” as many of our friends have sadly done. We’ve found the love that you promised was still there all along. Thank you so much and please don’t stop doing what you’re doing!

Margaret aged 55, London

If only we could all read, digest and act upon books like this” then the world would be a happier place. Makes magical reading for anyone on their own spiritual journey

Hazel Courteney
Journalist and Author

I was touched by the sincerity and truthfulness of the words in these books, particularly in AND SO IT BEGINS… Everyone should read these books and take charge of their lives” we have all been floundering for so long in this modern 24/7 age, it’s time we all slowed down and woke up! These books will hit home with many people

Clare Sheridan
Spiritual/holistic journalist & former editor of Vision Magazine

I bought a copy of these books after a brief and timely encounter with the author, Stephanie King. I was absolutely drawn to her from across a crowded room, and when she told me she had written these books, I knew I had to have them. I confess to not having read either book completely from cover to cover, but that is not necessarily the point, especially with ‘Life is calling’ (presently called Just for Today)… I dip into it regularly, and am usually astonished at how accurate the message is for me at that time. The calm, gentle tones are a wonderful tonic in our busy, busy lives, and the messages that come through are heartfelt, timely, generous and soothing. Not only do I enjoy the experience and find it helpful, I think I can say I’m generally feeling stronger, more supported and more aware of the power of my own thoughts. Highly recommended.

Maria Brosnan
(aka Christine McVie – Fleetwood bac)

Thank you. I dip into the books and they have a good calming effect in all the craziness that surrounds a touring band. AND SO IT BEGINS!is wonderful, especially since right now I am in the ‘eye of the storm’ so to speak. With so much going on they help immensely.

Andy Powell
Lead Guitar – Wishbone Ash

I am delighted to have a copy of Stephanie King’s book “JUST FOR TODAY”. It is an immensely beautiful book, full of wisdom and integrity. Whenever I hold it, an innate sense of calm radiates from the pages. I am sure that many people will value it for the truth and understanding it offers – particularly in times of pain and crisis.

Jean Jones
A member of The Reiki Association

AND SO IT BEGINS… A book with a fresh look at the philosophy of spirit both in its teaching and in the way it is imparted to us. It is also a book that would be of great value to the newcomer and spiritual ways. The book is a reminder of our experiences on different levels and the outcome which always effects all. Used as your own tutor, this is a clear, encouraging book to use daily as a reference” or as many times as you feel that you need.

JUST FOR TODAY. Great for today’s busy lifestyles, this is a book to use every day, opening at random to read the page or portion you are guided to. Information and reminders that you would hope your best friends would tell you. Clear paragraphs will unblock, encourage and enlighten you on your life’s path progress. For all your personal needs, I would encourage you to read this book.

Karen Lawmon
Home Counties Association of Spiritual Healers

These books emanate healing energy through their pages and their connection with spirit” which you can feel for yourself even as you hold them. Not only will I never be stuck, stressed or lonely again, I have found my life’s greater purpose. For the first time ever, I feel I totally belong|Thank you


I was completely unprepared for the wisdom, healing, strength and support these books offer. They are remarkable beacons of upliftment and light that will guide many for the rest of their days.


And So Life is Calling|banished the myths and anger I felt about God. Now I understand why life is the way it is and how I can personally help it. I know the reason I am here and what I can achieve in my life.

Milton Keynes

I bought your books last summer at Wicksteed Park in Kettering, & burst into tears on the spot|I have been using just for today every day and it really does make such a beautiful difference to every day x. My mum contacted you by letter last week to get hold of Just for today for one of her friends. She loves your books too!! They have been a ray of sunshine in my life, even if you didn’t know it!! How very exciting and wonderful that even more people will be reached by your books through Hay House. I hope their journey speeds up as they are books that everyone should have!

Joanne – Northampton

I would like to say a very big thank you! I happen to be a lucky person who was given a couple of your books. The love and emotions I felt when these were passed to me was quite over whelming, it gave me great comfort to know that as always the angels and spirit helpers are protecting and watching over me. I have recently been lacking focus, direction and facing difficult challenges so the books are very helpful for me to regain strength and positivity into my life. I hope to meet you sometime in the very near future to say thank you once again


I purchased both of Stephanie’s books for my sister as she was suffering from depression and finding it very difficult to lift herself out of the dark place she was in. She started using the books as directed morning and evening. Over a 10 day period I saw her blossom and start to think of things she could do to help her get out of her depression and make her life better. Also there was a family upset during this period that would normally have sent her back down into her depression but she coped with it calmly and with respect for herself and her boundaries. I’m very thankful for the books and amazed at the positive change they brought into my sisters and my life. Thank you. Keep up the good work.