Welcome to this powerful, inspirational, informative yet incredibly
easy series of video coaching sessions, meditations and exercises

And So It Begins!You Have More Power Over Life Than You Realise

And So It Begins (Free Copy with every home workshop)

– designed to help lift the lid of what drives you unconsciously, to bring
long lasting love to the fore, to unveil a stronger, happier, healthier,
more vibrant and confident – you!

This programme is all about deepening your connection to LOVE
– to help your relationships become stress free, loving and great!!

  • Sex, Money, Drugs, Alcohol, Gaming, Shopping, Food, Work, Wine &
    Chocolate – What is your replacement for love?
  • What holds you back?
  • What do you attract?
  • What lifts you from mundane – to sensational?
  • How do you really love – family, friends, lovers, loved ones or self?
  • Are you a visionary – or a saboteur?
  • Know what you most like or dislike to release/enhance it successfully…
  • Begin to see clearly what threads through your life to drive love…
  • Abundance, Attraction, Deeper Long Lasting Relationships and LOVE!
  • Could your happy ever after – be here and now?
    * Nothing will change until you start to change it – and this workshop
    shows you easily how!

In my sensational ‘HOW TO ACCESS YOUR HAPPINESS NOW’ 14 day programme, I can help lift the lid of what drives you unconsciously to bring the love/happiness you most crave to the fore|Delivered in easy to use and listen to segments, this information is destined to enrich your whole life and your health in ways you could not believe possible.

This really is your time to shine” to help all of your dreams manifest as reality. The rest is now all up to you !

Price is £29.99 with a free copy of And so it begins

Client Feedback

Stephanie’s on-line course has gently directed me inward to ask some deep core questions, to get to the root of why I react to situations and people the way do. It has also highlighted for me how my childhood experiences have influenced my life so far and the decisions I’ve made in adulthood. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is questioning or struggling with life and our purpose for being here. It’s not like reading someone else’s story, you’ll just be reviewing your own life story and will receive the guidance to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a more contented way of being and attain greater inner peace. It is really inspiring and uplifting.

Ann Marie, Dublin.