‘I Am’ Meditation CD


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The First in a New Series of Discs
Meditations – Directly Channelled by Stephanie J. King
Music & Production by Marcus Cliffe


‘I AM’ is the first in a series of guided meditations unique in content and approach, allowing you to work directly with Source – to bring in health, balance, harmony, understanding, forgiveness, love, light, peace, growth and extra sensory information – from the highest realms possible – to aid all.

Before birth we each devised a real time soul agenda, an overall life plan, with live tasks to set in motion, to recognise and work through. We have qualities to contribute, to overcome and accomplish, gifts that we alone can hone and harness to feed directly back to life as personal input, as our contribution and thanks for time spent here.

Many things are answered as you re-assess your lot – with the aide of personal guides/your guardian/and with Source. Physically, nothing is completely certain except we birth and die, yet far more occurs on levels unseen than we can ever imagine. The soul journey you are travelling is completely individual and unwritten – so what you will contribute, pay forward, or give back – is yours by personal choice and accomplishment…

Stephanie’s works have been specifically channelled to help you work through Karma and what’s occurring now – love, work, family, home – to highlight what lies hidden, to fine tune your highest attributes, strengths and gifts, and to help you to regain, to remember – what has been lost…

(I am I) I will work with you – if you will work with Me. (I am I).

Internationally known and respected – Stephanie J. King – Soulpreneur & Divine Guidance lady, is an author, reiki master, teacher, spiritual healer, transformational life coach, columnist and speaker in the field of self-development and personal, physical and spiritual soul growth.

Stephanie has worked directly with the ‘I am I’ consciousness and the higher realms of Spirit for many years, to re-awaken the soul… to channel guidance, inspiration, enlightenment, encouragement, self empowerment and healing that’s both powerful and applicable to all…

Never having been written down – these three, powerful, guided meditations were channelled directly by Stephanie at the time of recording and are of a very high energy frequency – to enable you to work with your guardian and the God Source directly, yourself, in your own unique way – within the journey…

Empowering & Remembering

Approx 20 mins each meditation (Approx 1hr 6 mins combined)

Enjoy the journey…

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