Life Is Calling.. (Signed Copy)


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How to Manifest Your Life Plan

Access your highest potential, increase performance, optimise results, without an increase in effort from you…

Are you aware that you’re living a live real time soul journey and that your limited time span here contains targets, purpose, goals? That you have talents, strengths and tasks to accomplish and contribute? That you were born with a pre-chosen life agenda of your own? That you’ve lived on Earth before, that you create your own reality and that daily life needs and takes instructions straight from you? Do you know you connect to Earth’s own creative, thinking mind and that everything about you interacts?

Life is Calling|will help you manifest your own life plan” and before very long you will know exactly what that is… Labelled a phenomenon and channelled by spirit, this incredible interactive book will take you by the hand and deliver specific, tailored guidance at exactly the time and place you need it most, and not only that, you can share it with your loved ones and friends. No longer will you live only by rules set only by other people. You’ll be living your own truths from a higher soul agenda still unfolding!

Life is Calling|is a direct” soul to soul” link to advice for you in a down to Earth way that completely connects and relates to where you are. A random” open the page” book, you will be led to information that will prove relevant from the very first time that you use it.

Because you know everything about yourself, your thoughts, situations and life lived so far, each time you pick it up Life is Calling… will correspond directly to your now and be precise in the guidance, words and knowledge being offered. It will completely turn around, balance and correct many things that you consciously and subconsciously do” without effort.

Written like a deck of cards – but in simple to use book form, this book has the potential to enhance the rest of your life” for the rest of the time frame that you live here. It’s perfect for busy life styles|Love, work, family, wealth, health and home– all results will be immediate and immense – You’ll quickly become a worry free, stress free zone!

Nothing happens by chance and when you see the whole, complete picture playing out, you can better connect, interact and communicate successfully.

Be inspired, acknowledged, recognised, understood and move onward and upward with life.

Stephanie J. King

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