Life Is Calling… Concise Handbag/Pocket Version (Signed Copy)

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How to Manifest Your Life Plan

Due to popular demand – Life is Calling|is also now available in an abridged pocket / handbag size/version. Many people love our book so much that we have selected nearly 200 entries ‘specifically chosen’ from its complete sister book for this purpose” in a small easy to travel fashion size to see you through the day at random times!

Remember that we are living an incredible reality in an incredible time frame. We each chose to be here” to deliver, help and do what only we can|We all have been groomed for this purpose through many life times lived previously upon Earth. We each create, program, shape, mend and give meaning to life as it unfolds as we see it today.

Remember too that linking Heaven and Earth is a two-way process. Only by pulling both aspects together correctly in the same direction, can we successfully bring peace, love and light back to Earth!

Life needs all hands to the wheel correctly ‘right now’, for the future to develop as it should. At this moment things can go either way” win or fail” positive or negative” the choice rests with us!

This book is very bit as powerful as its bigger sister… just a little more handy for you to carry around. Remember to actually get the big book too though – or you may miss out on powerful information that could help you…

Stephanie J King

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1 review for Life Is Calling… Concise Handbag/Pocket Version (Signed Copy)

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    Great aritcle, thank you again for writing.

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